Horses.......and Aubrey.......

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    Aubrey has been nuts over horses since the first time she ever saw one. She loves ALL animals, but horses are at the top of the list, no doubt. That her daycare was located next to a pasture of horses only encouraged it. lol

    Well, my bro brought my mom over for a visit not long ago. This bro breeds horses and shows them ect. He got my now 12 yr old difficult child niece involved with them due to her own love of encourage her to improve behavior and to bring her grades up. It worked much better than he ever dreamed. He got started by muking stables for a neighbor who was in the business in trade for my niece to have riding lessons........and she helped him when she was up for visits so she learned horse care as well. It sort of took off from there.

    Well my niece wants Aubrey to visit this summer so they can ride together. lol And that started it. Aubrey has talked of nothing else.

    So.......Nichole started searching to see if she could possibly find the sort of set up my brother was able to swing so that Aubrey could learn to ride for free. And not in the too distant future Nichole plans for them to buy land in the country to have farm animals ect and Aubrey to have her own horse. (this has been planned for a long long time) Nichole had a boyfriend in school who taught her some about horse care and how to ride ect. But it's been a while and she knows there is much more to learn than the little she was taught. And she doesn't want any animal she doesn't know how to properly care for.

    She found a woman who breeds/shows who has a daughter not much older than Aubrey and has told Nichole she can come and ride for free as well as learn horse care because it will give her little girl someone to ride with. (pretty much same deal as my bro got) And I'm betting she's hoping Nichole will buy a horse from her in the future. lol Also this woman has other livestock, so Nichole if she wants can learn to care for them as well.

    So Aubrey, it appears right now, gets to have her dream come true and learn to ride horses. She is so thrilled Nichole says she can hardly stand still. Nichole is just as excited. lol The first lesson is this saturday. The woman will be teaching Aubrey the parts of the saddle and their uses, brushing, and she'll have her first ride.

    I just have to laugh. Nichole may have spent her first 7 yrs in the big city, but deep down she's a rural country girl wanting her own farm. Well, not a big working farm. One that has livestock they raise themselves, a huge garden ect. boyfriend is getting pulled into it whether he likes it or not. I think it's dawning on him that there is just no sense in fighting it.......on this one he's clearly outnumbered. :rofl:
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    I understand that feeling... I was born in a big city... And still feel out of place till I visit my friends in the country. That's home to me.

    Just tell her to keep in mind - chickens, pigs, goats = more work than cats and dogs. A LOT more work. (And I'm allergic to feathers... SIGH)
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    LOL. Thats too funny. I live in the country and we have had the chickens and two goats once for 4H but we never had a horse. Tony had some when he was growing up and that broke him from wanting one when we had the boys. They can be a pain in the rear and are quite expensive to maintain. Chickens are easy. A cow isnt too hard either. But horses can hurt ya. He got kicked a few times I

    I hope Nichole and Aubrey have fun though. Im sure she will get a good horse.
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    Though I'm a dedicated "town girl," our area is known for horses, cows, and rodeo. I think that's great for both Nichole and Aubrey!