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  1. jal

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    exhibiting symptoms to get admitted or is the recommendation that he needs it by psychiatrist enought to go on even if psychiatrist does not contact hospital beforehand? Will they admit based on history, episodes and the fact he is on medications?

    I am SOOOOOO desperate!
  2. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    We're working on getting my difficult child into a PMIC and all our psychiatric has to do is support our decision, but it's up to the state to approve it.

    However, I was told if he's exhibiting behaviors in which he is a danger to himself or others to take him to the ER and they have to do something.

    Honestly, I've never been down this road before so that's really all I know. Don't know if it's the answer you were looking for, but I'm sure others will have loads more info.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    We couldn't get daughter admitted until she pulled a knife of herself and was considered a danger to herself. It was a nice two weeks of respite, however it didn't change her or help her.
    I'm not sure how to get a child admitted unless they are actively a danger to himself or others, but you can call around and see. The time off you get is really nice!
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    There should be a number on the back of your insurance card that is for Mental Health. You can either go to your health care provider's website, call them OR call the hospital itself and ask their insurance/billing department.

    Good luck!

  5. Andy

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    I would call and ask the psychiatric hospital. They should be able to do an assessment and determine what level of care is needed. Just because you contact them and do the assessment, does not mean you will be admitting. You can receive the info including what your insurance will cover (psychiatric hospital billing office will have a good handle on main insurances). They will give you the info you are looking for, answer your questions, and leave the decision to you.

    "I have a child who I am looking for help with. Is there someone I can discuss the concerns I have with my child to determine if one of your programs would help us?"
  6. Christy

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    The first time my son was admitted, We took him directly to the psychiatric hospital with a two week log of dangerous behaviors. Our insurance was okay with this but some insurances will admit through the ER.

    The second time he had an incident at the tdocs and therapist filled out a petition for a mental health evaluation at the ER. We waited from 11:30 until 9:30 for this to happen and then because our insurance does not do after hours psychiatric hospital admitting, we had to spend the night in the ER psch ward (they did not keep children there without a guardian so we both spent the night).

    Given the choice, and especially if he is not exhibiting the behaviors at that moment, try to deal directly with the psychiatric hospital if your insurance allows it. Also, as MM said, don't expect miracles. They will probably try a medication adjustment and depending on how long your difficult child is approved to stay, they may get a chance to monitor how the change is going.

    Good Luck
  7. smallworld

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    My understanding is that phosps generally admit when a child is a danger to himself or others. However, many phosps have day treatment programs where the criteria for admission is different. Can your psychiatrist recommend such a program? Day treatment programs generally work with the child for a longer period of time. My son was in a day treatment program for 6 weeks and my daughter was in for 5 weeks. In both cases, their medications were stabilized before they were released.
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    As a veteran of 20+ hospitalizations with thank you, every time has been if he's been a "danger to self or others". There were a couple of times we showed up to the ER, me bearing significant marks from his attacks, when he *wasn't* admitted because he had calmed down by the time we got there.

    One thing you need to understand about a psychiatric hospital admission - it's not a cure. The goal is simply to stabilize him and then treatment is continued on an outpatient basis. You might be able to get some evaluations done on a first-time admission, and they may tweak medications while he's inpatient, but in my experience there's not going to be a remarkable turnaround while inpatient. You also have to remember that your insurance company may actually be the one to determine length of stay - the doctor and hospital will submit clinical information but the final say is the insurance company.

    I think Smallworld's suggestion of a partial hospitalization program is a very good one if he doesn't meet the "danger to self or others" criteria. Our insurance company covered it 2:1 - we had a total of 30 days of inpatient pysch care per year. They counted 2 days of PHP as 1 inpatient day.

    I do think you need to have a talk with psychiatrist and therapist about supports for you at home. Respite, crisis team, etc. I hear your frustration - do the professionals understand that things are getting pretty critical at home?

    Hang in there!
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    The psychiatrist and therapist are aware and therapist has given me some places to look into. I know it is not a cure, but my problem is he is going to lose his daycare because of the rages and when he rages there he is a danger - he runs from the building (has even made it into the street), throws dirt in peoples face, throws chairs around the room, has yielded scissors and has assaulted teachers.

    At home he throws things, screams, bangs on his bedroom window with his fists and has fled from the house.

    The SD is getting us a para to assist with-him in daycare, but as of this moment I do not think he will have a daycare to return to. He was sent home Wed, Thur and not welcomed back today. I e-mailed all of this to psychiatrist who told me to goto a specific hospital and go through the er. He said he would then (once admitted) make a call to a contact that he has there. psychiatrist is leaving for India tonight. psychiatrist said to have him admitted for the exlposive behavior not the medication wash that we are in the middle of.

    He is not a danger 24-7, but when he rages he sure is. He needs a medication adjustment and I just don't know what is best for him.
  10. smallworld

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    If the psychiatrist gave you specific instructions about what to do, I think you should follow what he said. I recommend calling the psychiatrist now to ask what you should do if difficult child is not admitted to the psychiatric hospital. Has the psychiatrist provided coverage for when he is out of the country?
  11. jal

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    Yes, psychiatrist is very accessable when out of the country and when he is out he also has someone covering for him here.