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    So it seems whenever stress hits me hard hot flashes hit hard too. It started last Oct when driving behind the ambulance to the hospital. Things settled and my body got more normal.
    When I moved everything stopped again and other stressors hit and the hot flashes are back. Cold then hot gets tiring and I'd love some natural ideas. HRT doesn't seem like a great choice for me yet according to docs because I have had terrible reactions to BC.
    What do people like for relief of this. I will say I don't have terrible ones
    ..they are pretty brief but becoming more frequent.
  2. recoveringenabler

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    Hi Buddy, I posted this the other day on another thread, about menopause and hot flashes, hope it helps you...

    I'm over that hump thankfully and have a few tips for those still suffering through.
    These helped me:
    *Avoid caffeine, sugar (even chocolate!) and alcohol, all 3 make the 'sweats' way worse
    *eat more grains, oats, brown rice, fresh fruit, veggies and almonds, nuts
    *look into Red Clover supplements, helps with "sweats"
    *Acidophilus & bifidus- good bacteria to help with metabolism & utilization of estrogen
    *Vitamin E- 400-800 IU daily
    *Calcium- 1500 mg daily
    *Magnesium- 500-750 daily
    *Vitamin C- 1000-2000 daily
    *Black Cohosh- 20-60mg 3 X day
    *Evening Primrose Oil- 500mg 3-4 X day
    *Pro-Gest- natural progesterone cream
    *Omega 3 fatty acids
    *Exercise every day as much as you can, this helps tremendously
    *Acupuncture- helps with all symptoms

    May the force be with you!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Whole food diet, water, exercise. Cut alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. If you can, buy a Chillow-look it up on line.

    Hugs, I feel your pain.

    Oh yeah, something I tried this summer because my hot flashes and night sweats got really bad in the unbearable the end of my nightly shower, I would do blast of cold water, as cold as I could stand it. That really helped at night. I think I averaged about three showers a day most of the summer.
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    I've mentioned before that I can't take HRT because of a clotting disorder, so I went commando through menopause. Taking a shower always helped me. Thankfully, for the most part I am over the hot flashes. I still get them at night sometimes.

    It's not of immediate help, but I have to say that the hot flashes really helped me to deal with some personal issues. It's so in your face that you get upset and you burn like a fire. I learned to read my emotions and to let things go until I wasn't hot. I wasn't always successful but I think it helped me to set a different tone as to how I reacted to things. I recognized that I was getting overly emotional and that I had to not react with those emotions. I also got beet red and hot when I lied, even about the tiniest things, so it made me very honest.

    My advice is that when you feel that hot burn and you are in an emotional state, know that you need to walk away and think about it before you react.