Hot schools- 101 right now, kids room 104-per our District Leader

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jody, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Today there was an article that came up online from the Teacher's Union on our local papers, that they are shocked that class was not at least dismissed early today. My daughters school was beyond hot. Our Bigwig Administrator over all of the schools came to visit and see how truly hot it was. He went into my daughters class with a very good thermometer, it was 104 degrees. Kids were vomiting and none were feeling very well. He did send the kids to the hallways near the office where there is at least a little window a/c. But with all the people crowding into the hallways, not cool at all but definately better than 104. Tomorrow the temperature outside is going to be 103. Today it is only, only 101. So it will be hotter in there tomorrow. They had better close school early tomorrow, or Dr. what's his name should be sitting in there right along with them. The reason that they said they did not want to let out early is the inconvience to the parents. I just don't believe that when they have so many other days off. But not to call it in extreme heat. Also they said another reason would be some kids don't have a/c. Okay, that might be a handful of kids but not a lot, and to make 800+ kids suffer like this. I am stunned, really I am.

    This is one of the things that will make my difficult child go off. Not that it takes much, but being miserable will definately not help. Even with kids that aren't difficult child's. And grumpy teachers too.
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    I cannot imagine going to school in heat that hot. Who is going to learn and exactly what point are they attempting to make? Would they keep the kids in school if the heater went out and the schools were 30 degrees inside and the water was freezing? I think it is comparable. Biggest difference is you can put more clothes on to keep you warmer!
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    in my opinion they are courting a MAJOR class action lawsuit at least and possibly a wrongful death/neglect suit if a child dies from the heat. It happens and there is no way that kids should be in a school that hot.

    Are they at least providing water and ice to the kids? No way the school water fountains are enough to keep the kids hydrated.

    I do understand what they said about closing being hard on parents. Not every parent can get out early to go get a child. It is one thing to know ahead of time and another to have very short notice. But they still need to close the school for the safety of the children. I hope that they are very aware that if a child is on medication it can greatly increase their sensitivity to heat. And once you have heat exhaustion or a heat stroke it can take YEARS for your body to be able to handle heat well. Kids with asthma, many psychiatric medications, etc... are all super sensitive to heat.

    Can parents choose to keep their kids home with-o being penalized? Here if you live outside the city limits and the weather is bad you don't have to send your child and it is excused. Largely because we get so few really cold days that many people don't have the gear to wear in the cold, and also because the mud can get so bad.
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    I'd be inclined to keep my kid home sick that day if we had to deal with unacceptable conditions like this. Good Lord -- how much does a flipping box fan cost? Or a window A/C unit? Surely there is some business that could be convinced to DONATE those kinds of things to the school??? OUTRAGEOUS. :grrr:
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    J is getting out early today due to heat/humidity, because his school building is not "climate controlled".

    I've been in there in the summer - when it is 95 + 70% humidity - and they built it with walls so thick, it's not bad.

    That said - if it is 104 in the school - WHY are they not taking a day off?!

    ...This is why we shouldn't have school before Labor Day and after Memorial Day...
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    Hi Jody. So kids are suffering from heat exhaustion, and they are still holding class in 104 degree rooms? If they don't cancel school, you can always conact your state's public health department and see if their anything they can do.

    I understand some parents will be put out by the closure, but so would a hospital stay for heat exhaustion. :-/ I don't understand their reasoning.
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    And where are the people who are screaming over football practices being held in the heat? At least most people KNOW that is going to happen!