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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by babyblue31, May 28, 2008.

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    I took a hot shower tonight with no interruption, and it felt great. I am so glad that there is hardly a rough time with bed time. He did the cutiest thing tonight he brought me his sippy cup, and said mommy it's time for bed... It's times like that, That I forget all about the bad behavior, and the eating problems. I almosted cried, I'm surprized I didn't sence I have been a basket case lately.. With all the EXTRA stress I've been under, And I do believe I am really depressed.. I often wonder if things would have been different if me and my sons father stayed together, and if he wasn't murder in novemer.. Really how do you explain that to a 3y old, That's how old my son was when it happened a week before thanksgiving.. That hoilday is one that will necer be the same again... Altrhough I had all ready moved on with my life, I know that Iwas and still am in love with him.. Someone tell me how you can be in love with a dead man.. Again thank all of you for your support and understanding.....
    :missyou:(just a little i miss u for my sons father!!!!!!):sad:
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    I am g;ad to hear things went well tonite!
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    Hon, it's not "being in love with a dead man". It's grieving what you had together. It's NORMAL for you to feel the way you do about holidays and the like.

    My husband died, granted not murdered but rather after a long and painful illness, the day before my b-day and 5 days before our 20th wedding anniversary. We had been together for 25 years!

    I do wonder though, given that you are already in another relationship, if perhaps you "got on with life" too soon?

    Grieving is WORK, and d*mned hard work at that. I STILL miss my husband and what we had together and it'll be six years in July.

    There's a thing called "skin hunger" that often hits very early in grief where you feel like you will die for the need of a touch, of simply being touched and held.

    It is very easy to mistake this for the need to be in another relationship and to make life altering decisions based on this feeling.

    I do very strongly recommend that you check into local grief support groups. You can google Hospice for your area and that will bring up contact information for local Hospice groups.

    Nearly all Hospice groups have grief support info available.

    If you PM me; I'll still be happy to send you the info for the online support group that I still, after so many years, am a member of.


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    You are not set up to receive PMs. Gotta love it when they update the board! ;)
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    I'm NOW set up to recieve PMs, so the offer still stands. I totally missed that when I redid my user CP after the last update.