Hound Dog - How are the grands?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by JJJ, Dec 10, 2010.

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    I've been thinking about your grands alot. How is the situation?
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    Pretty much the same. I've had one email full of whining and complaints. Still swears welfare won't help her get her medical card. But strangest thing, Nichole deals with the same office.........and they've been super helpful and very polite. So we're not buying Katie's story with welfare. She's either not calling or not walking the few blocks to go into the office to talk to them.

    We're picking up Kayla and Alex on the 18th and planning to keep them for 2 nights instead of just one, so they won't go back until the 20th. easy child was able to switch days with someone and managed 7 days off in a row......so she'd rather not try to squeeze in all the activities we have planned into just 2 days. Katie is adamant about Evan. Makes me mad as he's going to miss all the fun, but nothing much I can do about it. She has so far flat out ignored the offer to let the kids stay here. I'm not really surprised. Maybe spending xmas vacation with them bored out of their minds in the shelter all day will make her see it differently.

    I'm not seeing jobs in the near future if she won't venture out into the weather to communicate via internet. She can't call, she has already used up most of her minutes for this month. sheesh

    I'm hoping that little Miss Tells Me Everything does exactly that while she's here. She will be given ample opportunity. Dayton schools are already having the same fit over Kayla's missing chicken pox vaccine and no glasses. So I'm guessing she's pretending the issues with welfare as an excuse for both.

    Just playing a waiting game at the moment unless something else develops.
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    How frustrating. Poor Evan... it's bound to create resentment, having his brother and sister go to your place and leaving him behind.