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    So as I've posted I've been selling some laundry soap the recipe and the idea to sell it came from hound dog, so far it's netted me about 300 in money and services. (I swapped five gallons for family pictures with a photographer) I also haven't had to buy soap of any kind and have taken to using it in my steam cleaner and mop water and I added some to a spray bottle of awesome and some laundry crystals and use it on my counters, stove, furniture.

    Well today I got an email from a shop owner on a forward operating base in Qatar. A very small place in the Middle East that soldiers get stationed and use as a get away like weekend pass for higher ranking officers. Someone messages me asking for more information about my products I guess they saw one of my local ads here and passed the info on to a shop owner.

    It is not allowed to send liquid via USPS so I researched a dry kind of DIY laundry detergent and while it is more expensive roughly 25.00 for all ingredients that make a 5 gallon batch versus the five dollar liquid version (10.00 if you buy the scented laundry crystals) I could conceivably sell this stuff in bulk to this guy.

    When I was deployed sometimes we used body soap because the American store inevitably ran out of detergent and they only sold it in a quart or a very small box of dry detergent that was roughly 5.00 a box or jug. When the px got a new shipment we would buy as many bottles as they would let us because you never knew when you would receive a shipment.

    It's early days and I just responded to his email it may be a scam, he may not be happy at having to pay a higher cost for the dried product plus shipping it could all fall through, but it's very possible this is the real deal and I could make some (much needed) cash.

    Hound dog may have turned me into a international business woman.

    I koi you not. LoL
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    wow.....I think I need to pay more attention to that laundry soap.
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    Really hope this works out for you.
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    I have a very very easy method of making yoru own powdered laundry detergent. I sent one version to Hound Dog a few yrs ago. You take 2 c washing soda, 2 c borax, and one bar of soap. You can use fels naptha but it is NOT needed. My entire family ends up itchy and with sores if we use fels naptha so I use an unscented hypoallergenic soap or a rose scented soap that is sold in a local grocery store's hispanic product section for about forty cents a bar. You grate the soap and mix it with the other ingredients. I use the food processor and grate the soap, then put the steel blade in and mix the borax, washing soda and grated bar soap together because it makes a finer powder and dissolves faster and easier in cold water.

    You don't need laundry crystals unless you want. We do not use them because of the scents. I am incredible allergic to any and all artificial scents so anything we use has natural scent or is unscented and we add essential oil if we want scent. To scent the powdered laundry soap with essential oils, add a few drops to the mix before you mix it with the steel blade. It works very well.

    This should be quite inexpensive to ship and would work very very well. we had INCREDIBLY hard water in our old house (well water) and we used 2 TABLESPOONS in our super sized top loading maytag washer. Our clothes didn't have any dirt buildup even after using this for several years. We actually had fewer stains and didn't have to add vinegar or other things to the laundry the way we did when we used the commercial detergents. Using even the expensive brand name detergents always left dirt build up on our clothes and we had to add ammonia or vinegar to the wash to stop it until I tried the homemade detergent and we didn't have to add anything to the wash even on a very big very dirty load. It was amazing because we needed such a small amount of laundry soap and no extra additives unless one of the kids spilled something that needed pretreatment.

    I hope you can make some good $$ selling this. It will not only help you, but also the servicepeople and their families who cannot get the things we use. Plus these are much better on the environment because the amt needed is so much less and there are all sorts of things that won't be in what you make that are in reg laundry soaps.
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    That totally ROCKS!!!!!!

    Awesome news Dixie, and you were overdue for some, for certain! Susie's powered version is awesome too, might turn out to be cheaper for you. :)

    I'd do a little happy dance jig........but my body isn't liking me too much right now. I just got off work. LOL