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    Did I miss an update on KTs tests? Hope all is well?
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh......no, actually was just getting ready to post about the results.

    Evidently the ultrasound showed it to be just a lump of tissue. doctor is certain it's noncancerous. They're not even considering a biopsy or removal. Which is of course Great News! And I'm much relieved. And I thank all of you for the good thoughts, bead rattling, and prayers ect.

    Since it all sort of major fizzled...........I'm wondering how large is "large".........as katie tends to exaggerate the smallest things into huge things. She has the lying and hypochondriac genes from her dad...........so unless something is verified by a doctor I'm always left wondering....... Not sure if that make sense. Now that the actual scare is past, I'm wondering how much of this was attention seeking........and a diversion so she didn't have to look for a job type thing.

    Me? I'm just super glad it's not cancer!! And that we won't have to deal with that issue on top of everything else. whew!
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    Oh what a relief! Thanks for updating!
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    Good news! I can stop rattling the beads!