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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are. Just hoping you'll see this and check in.

    Hugs - Star. :D
  2. house of cards

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    Ahh, Things are going well here. Major has had 2 days back at school and is saying....(No Board Jinx)...he thinks he is going to have a good year. His caseworker at school seems to really get him and want to protect him. His t-doctor is good, but Major doesn't want to talk deep with him so we are just laying a foundation, all in all, it is good.

    The Queen is doing well, she has a reading program at school where she is the only student right now, I gotta love that.. She also has one of Major's old semi hard line, they get to see...I can raise a kid that will do homework, LOL

    Mayor is increasing his drama, I'd be more concerned if I didn't have so many difficult children but getting teary cause someone told you to chew with your mouth closed just doesn't get alot of attention in this house...but I am watching it.

    I'm homeschooling the 2 littles which is easier for me, Monster hated going but Angel loved it, she is such a social butterfly. I feel bad for her but I just couldn't justify spending over 300 a month for 2 hour days in a program that seems to have lost touch with the parents concerns. I'll try to keep her busy.

    My 17 year old just enlisted in the delayed entry program of the Marines, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I guess I am proud but scared. It was extremely hard for me to put my name down on a piece of paper that could put my kid in harm's way...but I did it. It is what he wanted, he is a very physical, active kid and loves the "guy stuff". He needs to learn self discipline.

    I have had some health scares with my blood pressure but I am fine. I actually went to the doctor and am back on blood pressure medications. I also got an adorable Chihuahua puppy named Angie to lower it more. Now if she would just stop thinking my fingers are chew toys... If I ever figure out how to load my camera pictures into the computer, I'll post pics.

    Thanks for asking about me, I've also been spending alot of time looking at horses for sale online. I'm thinking it would be "theraputic" for the kids and get me out and exercising. Can I rationalize or what?, anyway husband is almost convinced, so we will see.
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    House of Cards...things sound pretty good.

    If you want some info on the Marine stuff, feel free to ask me. I have been through all that and am an experienced "retired" Marine Mom. Your son will be going down to Parris Island I can see by the state you live in so you will be driving right by my house! When does he go in? What is his MOS going to be?

    Soon as you give me more info I will inundate you
  4. house of cards

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    He is still in high school so this year he just hangs out and exercises with the group. He did well on the tests and the delayed entry is suppose to help him get the job he wants. He seems to want the job of crew chief on a helicopter, the guy with the big gun sitting in the open doorway, his second and third choice was safer. He takes his first oath Oct 1, but he doesn't "really" enlist for another year.

    I was thinking of you while going thru this, glad you are available to answer any questions. Thanks
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'll write more later - but I am fairly certiain fingers ARE chew toys if you are a

    Proud and empty pit about your Marine. (gulp) holding your hand.

    Write more later when I have a sec.

    Good to hear from you.....!!!