Household Chaos


I had to laugh when I read about the homework assignments from therapist. We had the same thing with our difficult child 1. Her therapist would give her homework and she would never do it. I don't know why her therapist thought she would, she didn't do anything any authority figure told her to do and like your difficult child would not do school homework either.

Outpatient therapy was totally useless for difficult child 1. But she also had a terrible therapist and I was too afraid of her (therapist) to change for quite some time. She was very aggressive and in your face, had me cowed I guess.


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We've had many different therapists over the years; either I didn't like them, they did nothing, or we moved. In a nutshell, no therapist has seemed to do a bit of good for us. We keep trying and at least I think the school applauds us for sticking with a therapist outside of school to try to make difficult child's life a little better (HA!) Not that I really care what they think, except they go a little easier on a child if they see that there REALLY is enough stuff going on for him to be in therapy.

I dunno...maybe it's helping and I don't know it.


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We have actually had good luck with the "nothing else" until whatever is done theory. I don't make anyone else wait if it's just difficult child stalling. We eat dinner, watch tv, etc and he is stuck in another room of the house, usually upstairs, where the only activity going on is what he needs to do.

We keep that part of the house, the loft, his "sanctuary" to do homework, etc. No one else is allowed in that part of the house except husband or I until he's done. This has seemed to work pretty well so far. As long as it's quiet and there are no other distractions he does well, our other kids know if they bother us during that time there will be consequences for them.

Just a thought! :smile: