How about a fun/light brag thread about our easy child kids/grandkids/nieces etc.

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    We focus so much on our difficult children. Seems most of us don't talk too much about our PCs and I don't know much about the PCs who are part of our family. I thought of giving a thread up for parents and grandparents and aunties to brag about the PCs in their familes. I know this gets touchy because we don't WANT to talk too much about our successful kids when this is a board focusing on our challenged kids, but why not give them a shout out and explain about them to the rest of us? Don't k now if this thread will catch on, but will give it a try.

    For me, due to several factors (including the fact that my bigest easy child has Learning Disability (LD) problems, I have talked a lot about Jumper. She is very easy child and probably the easiest child anyone could raise. Her best trait is her incredible resilience. She is also level-headed and has a "large" pesonality...everybody loves her. I don't think she has any enemies and she has a kind, loving heart. She is not afraid to stick up for the nerd who is getting picked on or the younger child who is getting bullied. She is her own person and makes wonderful choices about her life. She wants to be a social worker and will work hard to get there and probably make a really good one. She is a good friend and doesn't get jealous of her buddies and is their biggest cheerleader.

    Jumper does not whine or think of herself as a victim. She is adopted, she has been sexually abused by psycho kid, and she has LDs yet she is strong and confident and not at all bitter. She did go through a time around twelve when she wanted to know why her birthmother relinquished her, but after I contacted BM and she read some e-mails, she moved on and seems very well-adjusted. She can be serious, but usually has a sunny dispositioin. Can't say enough about this lovely child.

    Of course, I love all of my kids, but Jumper is so pleasant and easy to raise and so much fun. It is just really nice having her in our family.

    Tell us about YOUR easy child!
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    Funny you posted this tonight. We went to Kenzie's birthday party this afternoon and there were many people there that I either had never met before or barely knew. The one thing that they all had in common was they kept coming up to me and Cory's dad and telling us what a great boy we had raised and we must be just so proud of him. Sort of an odd (and strange) position for us because that is something that never used to happen. New people that he is working for kept talking about what a fine worker he is and people kept commenting on what a fine cook he is. Strange the way he has turned out.

    Tony and I were talking in the car about how if Billy put out just one half of the effort that Cory does that he could have twice the life Cory does. Tony tried to pull the "but Billy has more issues" card but I slammed that one shut fast. No he doesnt. Billy is smart, Billy has 2 college degrees, Billy has no criminal record and he has his drivers license and he has been allowed to live at home all these years. He is lazy. Jamie is too. Jamie put out all his effort in the first two or three years while in the Marines. Mostly in the first year. Now he coasts along in a really good job he loves but is very easy for him. Who wouldnt want to just drive a truck around all day and get to go home to take breaks and eat lunch as long as he keeps that radio with him? He can just drive all over the on the phone all the time, stop in parking lots and play games on his phone, etc as long as when he gets a call, he goes. Good job.

    Cory is my hustler. He works dawn to dusk and never stops. Thats probably why he has no weight on him. So maybe even though he has always been my difficult child on here, he is grown into my easy child? He will always have difficult child moments in his life. Always but I think all of us have little bits of difficult child in us.
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    Ahh I have to say my hustler is also my difficult child. Who is technically easy child. She goes to college full time. Works full time as an assistant manager at a clothing store. My other two pcs are lazy with a capital L.
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    I don't have a easy child but I have a pd (perfect dog) :)
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    This is why I push my difficult child to do her best. She'll never be a easy child, but she doesn't have to be one. She just has to work harder than one. ;)
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    My easy child, is a great young woman. She's just a beautiful girl inside and out. She is very religious and I can say sometimes that gets on my nerves a little. I also have to say that I have always felt a little closer to my difficult child. difficult child and I went to all the counseling and therapy and had our knock down drag out fights, but my being a difficult child myself I could understand some of her behaviors. easy child was almost always so good that it was hard to live up to, and kind of weird. I waited for those terrible teenage years but they never came for her, maybe she just knew I had my hands full with difficult child. Regardless I am so proud of her, and who she has become. She is very genuine and much easier to talk to now as she gets older and gets a few more life experiences. She's holding a 3.90 GPA and is a Junior in college in Indiana. I never went to college so this makes me very, very proud of her.
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    Well, my easy child is a sweet kind beautiful girl. She has such a gentle caring personality. She is a freshman in college this year. She is studying Music performance. She plays the double bass. I am so very proud of her. She is taking 18 class hours, and practices 3-5 hours a day. But the thing that makes me the most proud is that she loves her difficult child sister. She calls or texts her everyday. She asks about her day, and if she is keeping up on her work. Even with everything that we have been through as a family, she still loves her difficult child sister.
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    I.get my fix from my nieces and nephews. They're sporting events and activities. Just recently my first niece /God daughter got her first job. It feels unreal that she could be that old. I was the first one to let her drive so I got a taste of something that wont happen with Q which is fine..... but just saying it was fun. And I was thinking the same as Malika our pd so much. Haven't had a bad car ride since he started working with q and riding wherever we go. If that was all he did it would be enough ...a massive life change.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Love to hear more about your easy child kids and heck dogs too. I *love* dogs and although none of them are easy child, my avator lil dog is the closest to one and very comforting to cuddle after a hard day. So, yeah, let's include easy child dogs too!
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    Miss KT has become quite easy child since moving to Oregon. She's a senior in college, working three part-time jobs, is editor of the yearbook, and assistant editor of the school paper. It seems like she's finally found her niche there, and she doesn't want to come home after graduation, so we're already praying a full time job is in the cards for her.

    Son #1 is a journeyman electrician and doing very worries with him.

    Son #2, the computer guru, and K are expecting their second baby in March. Everyone but K thinks it's a boy, but they haven't found out yet.
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    My easy child is a delight and totally brag-worthy. Okay, he is a sixteen-year-old boy with everything that comes with that, but he is an awesome person. He has incredibly sunny and cheerful character and he is very flexible and adaptive. While he still likes to please people little too much he has some pudding leadership characteristics that will serve him well when he matures. He is very well liked and has lots of friends and he has often won all kinds of fair play, best sportsmanship, nicest guy awards.

    He is smart and does well in school. He just finished his first period in new school and while he misses quite a lot of class time because his sport, he did very well and got excellent grades. And after one short riff about the topic, he has taken good care of his school work and staying on schedule with it. He is responsible and does plan ahead. What more could a parent ask for?

    He has also done really well in his sport lately, better than expected and has been the best player in his position in his team and at least very close to being best of his age group in his position. His hard work at summer has paid off (in that I have to give some credit also to difficult child. Seeing difficult child training really helped easy child to understand how hard he too should work to make it in this sport.)

    I also have two PDs and they are also very brag worthy. Other of them just became a international champion. (He is a pretty one in our family, not so much smarts though. But he too has a sunny disposition :rofl:)
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    easy child 1 is in 4th grade. He is my pride and joy - he's sweet, affectionate, genuine... He loves to learn, tries hard in school, makes good grades, is very popular with the kids at school, teachers love him... He loves Cub Scouts, is a born performer, has confidence oozing out his ears, and is very excited about his part in the school play. I love him more than I can even express and am SO proud of him. He has great potential.

    easy child 2 just started part time preschool. He is a LOT like his older brother as far as being very bright, sweet, and affectionate, but he's somewhat more rambunctious than easy child 1 was at that age. He is very articulate for a kid his age and is very smart, possibly even smarter than easy child 1. He loves school. He's in a very sweet stage where he loves to give hugs and kisses ALL the time, loves to snuggle up with me and watch a cartoon. He too has great potential.

    Furbaby 1 is an elderly Rottweiler. She is "my" dog (or I am "her" person). A gentle giant, she is sweet and great with kids. She has developed hip problems with age, and she has trouble walking sometimes (our hardwood floors provide NO traction, poor thing!), but she's still hanging in there. I don't know exactly how old she is because we got her as a rescue when she was already full-grown, but she's at least 10.

    Furbaby 2 is a easy child/difficult child Lab/Pit mix. He's just over a year old (hence the difficult child status!). He's a great dog, lets the kids wallow all over him, very affectionate. Going to be neutered very soon.

    We also have 2 betta fish. They're low maintenance, so I suppose they fall into the easy child category!
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    Well my son Christian used to be a easy child up until about two years ago when his ADHD really got ahold of him and he began having problems in school. I still call him difficult child because of his autism and ADHD but since he started his Focalin last June he hasn't had any school issues. At home he teases difficult child 1 a bit but it's more of a normal brother/sister behavior than anything. In reality he really is more of a easy child now that he's on the right medications. I had to brag about him on facebook the other day because he is getting straight A's in school. Last year it was straight D's and F's so this is a huge improvement for him. It's been awhile since I could brag about one of my kids and I'm just so darn sick of reading about my friends easy child kids who are all super talented honor roll students. For once it's my turn to brag and I am super thrilled that I can do so.
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    thank you is a total delight for me. He still has sensory issues, but he has such a sweet nature. He works hard at school and is interested in the harder classes like robotics, engineering, getting into the algebra class early (the top students can take it in 8th grade instead of 9th). We don't have to nag about schoolwork much and he cheerfully does the extra work to bring up grades if he gets a bad grade. Two weeks ago he brought his weekly math sheet to me to be signed and learned that until I have done the problems and know that his answers are correct, I won't sign. husband just signs them with-o checking his work. He got a higher grade on that one so he now brings all his math work to me so that I can work the problems and help him understand any errors and fix them.

    Shockingly, he did not get upset or argue when I said I was going to make some worksheets for him so that he can practice with converting mixed fractions to improper ones. That is where he was making most of his mistakes in math. He actually reminded me today about it!

    I have been taking him when I do the shopping rather than Jess or both of them and we are having the best time. His nintendo ds lite broke two weeks ago and he was shocked when I went and bought a brand new ds i for him and said it was NOT a birthday gift. We can afford it this month and it is one of his coping tools. When he gets overwhelmed he plays for five or ten minutes and then can cope again. that and all his hard work on both of our moves (he was AMAZING and only complained when Jess would start griping about everything he did, even how he breathed at one point!) earned it as a reward.

    He is amazingly hard working and almost never gripes unless Jess is sticking him with all of a chore that they are supposed to do together.