How about movies that stay with you and haunt you?


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Another is American History X. I've seen it once and the murder scene is burned in my brain. I don't know why. I've seen much more graphic murder scenes, but something about that man's teeth on the curb just makes me shiver. I have always found it really disturbing too.

This is probably the most haunting movie to me too. Though for me the 'that scene' was the rape scene instead of murder scene, though that too was very impressing. I too have seen more gruesome murder scenes of course, but few that are mentally as strong. The rape scene left even stronger impression likely because those you don't see that often in mainstream movies while killing scenes are something you get bored quite quickly especially if you live and watch tv in male dominated household.

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Here is a secret thing: First Nudie Musical. Years ago when Showtime first came out, it was on Showtime.

And there were naked people in it.

Bare naked.

That was the first time I had seen naked persons right on television, singing and dancing around without their clothes on.



Though I haven't seen it for awhile, my favorite movie is All That Jazz. I like the Godfather movies too, but husband never, ever wants to watch them. He claims such movies are filled with harmful stereotypes of the Italian people.

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I saw both Clockwork Orange (Well, didn't really see it. The first creepy scene and I had an "out of body" experience. My brain and body separated and I felt my feet walking out of the theatre and it took a few minutes before I realized what then I was outside the movie theatre!)

Carrie. I saw all of Carrie. Afterwards, I went to the rest room and my knees were knocking together from all the shaking.

I like those Tom Hank movies....You got Mail...and I know there was another one I greatly enjoyed. I also really like Home Alone. The Godfather I (one) was VERY interesting and spell binding (is that the expression???). My all time favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I've seen it many, many ,many times and I crack up EVERY SINGLE TIME! :)

Other ones I really like are The Lion King, Transformers 1 (one) and Mrs. Doubtfire.