How accurate and helpful do you find psychiatry


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This questuen interests me because I spent most of my life in some therapy. For a specific concrete problem i feel the right therapist can be a good help. i am in a good place.

However it is the "art" of diagnosing and analyzing and medicating that I feel uneasy about because it is theory which can never be proven and changes often. It is not exact. I dont trust diagnosing and medicating, although after a decade medications finally worked for me.

I feel a lot of my good life was my doing, not that of therapy but some was. Meeting my husband was more therapeutic than anything.

Any thoughts?
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Honestly, I believe, and I do mean I truly believe that help comes from within. Finding the strength to tap into ones inner-self is the most powerful healer of all. We can have all sorts of outside influences, but unless one has the desire to help oneself, no amount of intervention and help will heal.

As the old saying goes, you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.


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Well, I've been to counseling, which was helpful...mostly in a someone-to-unload-on kind of way. Jabber and I went when dealing with my Difficult Child and before that I went when dealing with my divorce. But psychiatry - like being diagnosed with something and all that? I've never done that.