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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Kanga's school and I have been going round and round about her placement. They just upped the ante by filing a "medical neglect" complaint with CPS against us. I just spent 40 minutes with a very kind investigator that recommended I get an advocate to help fight the school district. Heck, at this point I'm looking at getting an attorney. The investigator said that, assuming the psychiatrist and therapist confirmed that I was bringing her to all of her appointments, he would rule it unfounded and try to get this cleared up by early next week.

    HOW DARE THEY?????????????? :grrr: How dare they? :sad:

    I'm going to investigate our state's procedures for filing a counter-complaint that they filed their complaint, not as a serious concern but in a malicious attempt to intimidate me. The investigator told me to stand strong and don't let them browbeat me into not standing up for my child.

    I'm just so upset right now...
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    I'm sorry this is happening to your family. Have you considered making a second post in Special Education so Martie & Sheila can give you some advice? I hope this is cleared up quickly.
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    Sending lots and lots of {{{{{HUGS}}}}}.

    If it were me........I'd be getting an attorney.
  4. Fran

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    JJJ, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how painful this is. An advocate or attorney sounds like a good choice. :sword:
  5. jannie

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    I can't believe they are doing this to you :nonono:--I am so sorry. Keep on the warrior mom gear !! :warrior:

    Why are they pushing so much for you to mainstream her? I assume she is on a modified day right?? How is she doing in her special education classes?
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    From the other side of the Pacific - get an attorney.And at least for now, don't bring your own suit. You shouldn't need to, for a number of reasons:

    1) If they are acting out of genuine, if misplaced, concern for your child, then to bring an action against them you would be more likely to fail and a victory would mean that you would be discouraging people from reporting out of genuine concern, for fear of legal reprisals (hence you would be unlikely to win - not a judgement they would be lightly given); AND

    2) If the school is doing this purely to intimidate you, then investigating it will show this. Repeated misuse of the system by the school will lead to them being labelled as vexatious and future claims (even possibly legitimate ones) being thrown out without investigation; AND

    3) If you bring a counter-suit immediately, it makes you look as if you are attacking the system (in broad) rather then putting your child's welfare first. You get more sympathy (and more consideration) if you only deal with this one thing at a time. in my opinion. If you can make it clear that your entire focus is your child (ie you haven't got the time to attack in return, legally) then I think you have a higher chance of success. THEN, if you choose to, go after the school. If you still need to.

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    Getting an attorney is a great idea. And keep watching the school. Do not retaliate against them for calling CPS. That will make you look petty.

    Just remember that these people are focusing on making your life miserable. That means they are not focusing on their jobs, which is taking care of the children that are in their care. Pay attention to how they are meeting the needs of their charges. Watch for things like, a gym teaching taking kids out in shorts and t-shirts in cold weather. Or perhaps there is a diabetic child there who is not getting the proper attention he or she needs to manage the diabetes.

    Just keep watching for something like this to happen. Then, when it does, report that to the police and CPS. The fact is, because they are focusing on you instead of their jobs, they are going to make a mistake. Just hope and pray that this idiocy on their part doesn't result in death or irrepreable harm to one of the children under their care.
  8. ysne58

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    Come to think of it, that last sentence gives me some huge concerns. When you talk to that investigator again next week, you might want to raise the issue that these people are so focused on this power struggle with you that you are not sure they are properly caring for all the kids they are charged to care for.
  9. flutterbee

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    :nonono: How dare they?!! I'm just fuming. :grrr:

    Meanwhile, CPS' resources are being used to 'investigate' a household that doesn't need to be while a child that really does need help isn't getting it. So not only is it harassment and intimidation toward you and your family, it's abuse of resources.

    Stick it to 'em.
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    Triple J,

    Went through this with wm & the school district, rather the school SW & a couple of the Special Education teachers.

    Immediately called our mental health case manager; he managed, in between chuckles, to let the SD try. He & I had the necessary documentation to blow that out of the water.

    Not that this shouldn't be taken seriously - it was. However, I found out that the judges in this county frown upon SDs who try to use this tactic as intimidation. SDs have had their hands slapped a few times of late.

    Get an advocate & an attorney. I forget, does Kanga have a mental health case manager? If so, call that person as well. Every service provider who has any information on you & husband as parents can & should help in this situation.

    Something you just do no need - sending you gentle & warm (((hugs))) this morning.
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    Hi! Sorry I'm just seeing this. We're in the middle of this situation right now. Problem is: we can't find an attorney. The other problem is: they gave the case to a brand new straight out of school investigator, so they are second guessing every move the poor thing makes.

    She came here the Tues. before Thanksgiving to tell us she was closing the case as unfounded, but called us the Wed. after to tell us the supervisor wanted it to stay open, she needed to come here at least a couple more times, and would I submit to a mental health evaluation because I seem to "well-put together" and should be showing "more signs of stress" for someone with 3 special needs kids.


    I almost "wet my knickers"!!!!

    Sounds like you have a great investigator and an (insert appropriate body part here) of a school administrator.

    Stay strong!

  12. busywend

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    JJJ, how awful! Sending you tons of strength and and extra :warrior: suit for you! HUGS!
  13. JJJ

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    Thanks all for the support :smile:

    I'm going to get my house 100% clean today in case he comes back!
  14. DDD

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    Take a little time before deciding what steps to take. Sometimes
    when we are angry, it impacts our judgement more than we know.
    If an advocate was recommended, and if money is an issue at all,
    I would contact the advocate AND the MH people for support first.

    I am sorry you are having this unnecessary stress during the holiday season. Add to your daily list of chores one more task.
    Keep a little daily journal of any and all things that happen
    regarding the problem. That way you won't take a chance on being
    confused on "when" or "who" etc. for future recall. Hugs. DDD
  15. Steely

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    Sending more hugs........this kind of thing just makes me so mad - that I won't even start!!!!
    Keep focused on the truth, and the peace that that brings - and come here to vent through the anger.
    I will be sending positive thoughts your way that this all gets resolved asap.
  16. TerryJ2

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    To every cloud there is a silver lining. That investigator sounds like a gem.
    So sorry you have to go through this.
  17. slsh

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    Oh JJJ,

    thank you's school filed a complaint years ago against us for a rug burn he got during a restraint at home which I had actually brought to the school's attention. I was *livid*, especially since the school staff had left bruises on him during their restraints.

    It's funny now... I had started a massive cleaning effort before I knew about the complaint. When the investigator arrived, I had rugs rolled up, furniture bunched together in the middle of the living room... it was awful. But I gave investigator psychiatrist/therapist info, we explained what happened and showed him the cold air return vent that thank you had kicked out during the restraint, and it was unfounded.

    In IL, it is a felony to knowingly file a false complaint with DCFS. I looked it up when I got a certified letter from sped dir re: Boo needing a haircut a couple of years ago during our really bad time with- that sped dir. If you want, I can slog through and find the statue for you.

    Every state must have an advocacy and protection agency for people with disabilities. In IL it's Equip for Equality. I have found them to be helpful. Please given them a call.

    If you need atty names, I know of 2 really top notch sped atty's. Pricey but darn good. PM me if you want the names.

    This is without question harrassment and in my humble opinion retaliation though the latter is tough to prove. Wish I could say I was surprised that SD would pull this junk but some seem to have a "win at all costs" attitude. I don't know how they sleep at night.

    Hang in there - a gentle hug to you! I'm just so sorry you had to go thru this.
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    I can only say last year I was where you are and although I am not happy about all the agrravation of having a CPS case, I will say, take advantage of all the free stuff you are eligible for now, because CPS is involved! here in NJ it's called Value Options, which is not a CPS orginization (it's outsourced) but one that you can get free in home therapy for your difficult child, only if you have a CPS case. Both of my boys have their own therapist who comes to my house once a week for 1&1/2 hours (no running around for me) And they know the deal with CPS. difficult child II's In home is so supportive of difficult child II and me, that she came with me to Back to school night and even came with me to the CS hearing on Wed. So sense you've been dragged into this, you miles well make it to your benefit, just my opinion :gingerbread:
  19. mrscatinthehat

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    As most of what I would say after reading your post would not be productive I will send you hugs. I can not tell you how many times we have been down similiar roads. Hang tough.

  20. ysne58

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    I put some real fear into some people at my son's old school when I threatened to call the police and file child endangerment complaints if I ever found my son outside again in 40 degree temps or below, rainy weather and only t-shirt and shorts on in gym class.

    The decided to take steps to see that never happened again. They never did resolve the ongoing bullying issues so we moved him. The school he is at now is much better for him.