How do you find a neuropsychologist?

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    We don't have many mental health professionals in our area. I was wondering how I find a neuropsychologist close to home. Also, does insurance cover them? or is the evaluation an out of pocket expense? I work for the University hospital and looked for a neuropsychologist and couldn't find one. He currently goes to a place that is covered 100% with-our insurance. He has seen a neurologist in the past. But, he's a real jerk and we quit going there. He really doesn't have a grip on psychiatric stuff in my humble opinion. He rx'd lexapro when difficult child was 3 1/2 yrs old. The pharmacist freaked out on me when I went to fill it. I called to talk to the nurse about it and they never called me back. So, we looked for a new doctor. Ended up where we are now. The psychiatrist he sees in the group is the only one that sees peds patients. I want a 2nd opinion, but just not sure where to go that won't cost a fortune. We've had a hard year at our house. My husband has had 2 back surgeries this year. One he didn't get paid while he was out recovering....

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    Hi there,

    In some places, finding a neuropsychologist may be tougher than in other places. I think it varies too whether it is covered by insurance. Your best bet is to try any children's hospital or any learning university hospital.

    Good luck to ya!
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    do yu have a team of sorts? in bc we had a team and it was all a matter of progression,, our pediatrician sent the child to phsychyatrist,, and school needed neuro and one reccommended the nest and we didnt pay but it may have been that we were under a certain income,, we seemed to be at one or another doctors office an awful lot,,medications were started changed many times over before finding what was right,,initially before the kids came we knew there would be issues and the public health nurse that comes to your home and the soc worker that comes to make sure your home is suitable before granted custody just steered us everywhere every area is different as i am sure finding out here,, no one steps up and no one supports
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    Hi and Welcome! Usually, insurance will cover some parts of the testing. If you are having complete neuropsychologist testing (which I'd recommend), the insurance will not cover it all (usually, but not always) and you'd be left with the balance. Here, most psychologist trained to do neuropsychological testing are still not "advertising" themselves as neuropsychologist and I live in an urban area with a lot of professionals, so I don't quite get the professional title of it, myself. But, make sure it is a PhD level and that they do have expertise in this area. You can call the closest hospital that has a child/adolescent psychiatric ward, a teaching hospital that has a psychiatric department, Children's Hospital, the psychiatrist who prescribes your child' medications or the pediatrician to get a few leads. Be prepared, it normally takes scheduling a month or two in advance.

    Hope that helps!