How do you find women's shelter?

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    Not what you think....

    My dear mom passed away in June after a short bout with cancer.

    We are getting ready to go through her clothes, purses, shoes, etc. and I want them to go to a good cause. I have called the church and also plan to call the rape center at our central hospital. Maybe we can give them all to these two places. I know when difficult child had to leave the hospital they gave her scrubs, and that about killed me.

    I seriously can't find a women's shelter around here. I guess it's because they are kept secret? If it is better to PM me with the info, that is OK, too.

    I am not going to just dump her clothes at a goodwill or something. I know these places do good work, too. I just want to do what she would have wanted to do with them. She was always thinking of others.

    I miss her so much and this will be very hard.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Call the local Salvation Army. They have women and family shelters, and will take your mom's things. They won't tell you where the location is, though.

    I met a young man last night that had done an Eagle Scout project at a Salvation Army shelter. They are terribly underfunded. The Scoutmaster told us that the kids at the shelter sometimes go a month without juice, and weeks without meat. The boy built raised beds for them to grow veggies in.
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    I am so sorry about your Mom. I think about you from time to time and wondered what happened to you. It's such a lovely thing you are able to do for your Mom. I'm sure she would have loved it.

    Witzend is right about the Salvation Army. Grossly underfunded. However it your heart is set on Womens Shelters. Get in the front of your phone book and find the abuse hotline. Call it and get a local number and a staff worker will surely meet you somewhere or come to your house to pick up the things you wish to donate. My sister (because of what I went through) will ONLY donate to womens shelters now. While I donate to just about everything I can. Doesn't matter - everyone is in need anymore. Also - you can call places like Catholic charities (phone book) and (Lutheran Charities).

    Good to see you again, but so sorry under such lousy conditions.

    Take care - Hugs & Love
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    Crisis hotline...I worked there along time ago...and we gave out the number for our local shelter. It was weird though, I can't really remember now, but I do remember that we never gave the exact address...only a general location and phone number. Those arrangements had to be made separately.
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    When I was a hotline volunteer we NEVER gave out the phone number to the actual shelter, just to the office of the domestic violence group. Most groups have their office in one location and their actual shelter in another - just call their office. Or if you can't find that, look for a hotline number. Or if you can't locate a group in your area, call the ER of your local hospital or the police department and ask them - they ALWAYS know how to get in touch with the local womens shelters.

    Or the Salvation Army is another excellent place to make your donations.
  6. Hound dog

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    I just looked it up in the phone book.........I think under domestic violence........been a while so can't recall exactly but didn't have too much trouble. Listed an 1800 number but that's typical.

    Salvation Army is another good idea as is Good Will. Homeless shelter's may also need donations.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be so difficult going through her things. Sending gentle hugs to you and yours~

    Salvation Army and also in the blue pages of your phone book under Domestic Violence. Also, you can contact Planned Parenthood and they will be able to supply you with a number, as well as your local Catholic Church and even the local hospital's ER.
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    Hotline. They'll tell you where you can drop off the things.
    Way To Go. Very good idea.
    I'm sorry about your mom. :(