how frustrating!

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    i'm just going to vent. my husband sees difficult child off in the mornings while i go to work and is in charge of making sure morning medications are taken. first day back to school since hospital last week and new medications that we've seen a huge difference with already and HE FORGETS TO GIVE THEM TO difficult child! :angry-very:

    luckily i noticed it at lunch and ran them over to the school so he could have them and now he has to skip the lunch focalin so he's not over medicated so he's still missing medications. :biting:

    it frustrates me when husband wants to put all of it on me but as a mom i do it because it's important and he can't remember to give medications once a day!!!

    sorry, i just had to get that out of my system. it's just rediculous.
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    I feel your pain. You would think that would have been first thing on his mind, but it doesn't happen that way. My husband used to have 'episodes' with difficult child in the morning with behavior and I would ask 'Did difficult child get the medicine?' Answer: No. Then stop complaining, give difficult child the medicine, and allow some time for it to kick in. You would think they would learn right away.:crazy1:
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    Star* call 911

    Eliminate the step where husband has to do anything -

    Call the school nurse -
    Find out what permission slip has to be signed and how the doctor has to write the prescription to be split into 2 labled bottles.
    Send one to the school
    Have your sons first stop be at the nurses office with a reminder if she doesn't see him SHE goes and finds him to get his medications in.

    yeah - been there done that -and sadly relied on the nurse more than DF at that time. DF did get better with time - but he's on high dose pain killers - so he really had an excuse.