How I spent my summer vacation...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    So we are back from Hawaii and yes it is a beautiful, wonderful place. It's important for me to remember that, and that I got to:
    • snorkel with an amazing array of colorful fish, eels, sea urchins, spanish dancers, and other creatures,
    • watch fish gather around me like pigeons to eat frozen peas,
    • swim with green sea turtles,
    • kayak up a beautiful tropical river,
    • hike through a jungle to a secret waterfall,
    • fall asleep to the sound of waves,
    • wake to the sound of tropical birds,
    • watch the sun rise over the Pacific ocean,
    • watch the sun set over the Pacific ocean,
    • marvel at the grand canyon of the Pacific,
    • glimpse mongooses (geese?) as they scurried across the road,
    • watch my kids hike across a sleeping volcanic crater,
    • see a Massive (that's with a capital M) plume of steam as lava flowed into the ocean,
    • watch superheated gases and smoke pour out of a live volcano,
    • walk through an old lava tube,
    • walk through a forest of lava trees,
    • see the ocean erupt like a geyser out of a seaside lava tube,
    • see wild goats, a Hawaiian owl and a Hawaiian hawk on the roadside,
    • watch geckos and anoles search for bugs at night,
    • smash cockroaches and feed them to pond fish at night,
    • eat the freshest fish, tropical fruit, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and pure Kona coffee every day (if I really wanted to),
    • watch my kids revel in catching frogs at night and feeding feral chickens by day,
    • smell the heavenly scent of white ginger, plumeria and other amazing flowers,
    • see wild orchids, papaya, banana, and mango growing by the side of the road,
    • and sleep in just about every day.
    There were many, many glorious moments. Too many to list.

    But I'm glad to be back.

    Stay tuned for the sequel: 100 ways difficult child's, a husband, and inlaws can make Hawaii feel like Hell.
  2. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Ok. Can I smack you now or later??? I'm envious!!!

    Glad you had a good time!

  3. KateM

    KateM Member

    That sounds soooooooo wonderful!! We had the great fortune of winning a trip to Kauhi ( I think I'm butchering the sp) several years ago through husband's work. What a paradise! My favorite activity was the snokerling.Great memories for you and your family!
  4. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Wow, what a great vacation! (I think I would have had to skip the big cockroach even though.)

    It was a good idea to write up the list since it sounds like you might have memories of other things too, which could "tarnish" the good ones!
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    What GREAT memories - Make an album out of these. Ask difficult child to make a list of good memories to add to yours.

    Those bad ones, write up and burn.
  6. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    What and you didn't take us with you? Glad you had a good time. Can you see my green eyes from where you are?