How is everyone doing?

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  1. Wiped Out

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    In our quest to be healthy I hope you are all doing better than me! As usual my workouts are going o.k. although I did have to take a day off due to my hurt back and am taking it easy on my weights right now.

    My problem right now is my emotional eating. Things have been very stressful this Fall between easy child, difficult child, work that right now I don't seem to have a whole lot of control with my eating. I'm seriously afraid to step on the scale on Saturday and yet that hasn't stopped my eating.:spaghetti: I know what to do but I'm not doing it!:slap: My skinny jeans from last winter aren't fitting me right now-I want to wear them again!!!!!:2dissapointed: Time for me to get serious!

    How is everyone else doing?
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Hi Sharon,
    It does seem stress is a big trigger. Who doesn't seek comfort when the chips are down? I think it will always be this way with me. It's been a year of upheaval, worry and just plain frustration. It showed in my eating and my exercise. Eventually it showed on my waist and backside. I finally took some control last winter and got back into the swing. Through the summer with mom being ill I put a little on.(great pastries in the old hometown) Now I am pretty much to goal. I know I need to firm up. Things don't hang in the same place at 53 as they did at 23. LOL. but I will always fight with 5 lbs every day of my life.
    It's always a wonder why I am either totally disciplined or totally undisciplined? Never a middle ground.
    I envy people who just know how to eat and maintain their normal weight. They have small portions. Enjoy occasional treats but it doesn't hold the grip on them that it does on me. You wonder about what the difference is in their make up, their taste buds, their environment etc.
    In our family big meals were big doses of love and reason to celebrate the coming together of friends and family. My mom lived in the kitchen during holidays and parties. It was her gift, her job and her self esteem all rolled into one. Somehow that translates into me thinking food is a celebration. LOL.

    I eat for stress relief, comfort and celebration. Beats pills, alcohol and illegal drugs but it can kill you regardless.

    Good luck with regaining control and going back to normal for you. I know you will. The feel of cute jeans is too much of a lure.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Hi Sharon and Fran,

    Sharon, thanks for posting this update. I've been so very busy lately and feeling guilty for not checking in on everyone. I agree with Fran, stress is a huge eating trigger - sometimes all we want is solice and comfort and food is often the quickest and easiest. But, we all know it is the hardest to overcome once eaten!

    Fran, you've had a heck of a year and staying at goal, even though a little loose, is a major thing. It seems that for most of us celebrations mean food. We gather with family for "food holidays" like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we meet up with friends for dinner, etc. How come we don't meet for a walk or bike ride? It's ingrained in us I suppose.

    As for me, life has been crazy and hectic! Exercise is still there, but I've fallen off on the eating a little. I'm still doing my best to stay on core, but not doing as well as I did the first three weeks. But, I am slowly but surely seeing the pounds come off. I'm at 47 down at this point and actually talked to the aquatic director yesterday about the, umm, well..., the loose extra skin that is showing up on my arms and legs. She is recommending that, for at least two of my water fitness days, I come in a little early and do some of the weight machines. The water fitness is great for burning fat, toning and building some muscle and strength, but she thinks I should do a little muscle building. Two pluses to that idea is the filling out and appearance of less loose skin and the inrease in calerie burn when doing cardio. We'll see. I do have the ability to do it as I drop difficult child at school at 8 and have until 9:30 before class begins. I'm thinking of taking Mon and Fri mornings to try the new routine. It's a lot of time at the gym though........

    Hope everyone is doing well. Trinity, hopefully those cheesies are off the menu!

    Wendy, how's the WW going?

    Barbara, how's your cutting back to quit going?

    Beth, glad to have you back with us!

    Alyssa, how's it going with your healthy living plan?

    Marg, your dedication and "I'm a winner" attitude will keep that weight loss off and keep you healthy!

    WFEN, sorry that you are still having health and and pain issues with your foot. It's tough when you can't exercise like you want. Is bicycling or water walking an issue or available?

    JJJ, you still with us?

    Star, where are you? Haven't heard from you on this board in months!

    Keep going and stay strong!!!

  4. Jena

    Jena New Member

    good morning guys!!

    I hear you with the eating thing. mine unfortunately is just the opposite issue i dont' eat when stressed it seems. so past few days have been a bit of a struggle and i literally have to force myself to eat. ihave been taking vitamin supplements though which is totally long overdue. trying to take care of me.

    hugs to all of you!!!

  5. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Well...the cheesies are still off the menu, but I've totally fallen off the wagon in other respects.

    This past weekend we had 2 big get-togethers in a row (my 40th birthday, and then Canadian Thanksgiving). I totally gorged myself both nights, and I have been devouring leftovers ever since. I polished off about 1/2 the birthday cake myself.

    I think it's in a large part to do with fall...shorter days, cold weather etc. A touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I suspect. I know that when this time of year rolls around I start to feel down in the dumps, even when there's nothing in particular bothering me

    I guess I need to make myself get up out of my chair and get outside during daylight at least once per day. Take a quick walk round the block or something. Working at home so much, there are days at a time when I don't leave the house. I'm turning into a mole-creature.


  6. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Sharon (WO),

    I'm sorry you hurt your back. I think it's a good idea that you're taking it easy on the weights for now. By now, I hope you're over your cold.

    I totally understand the emotional eating thing. Like you and Fran too, I eat for all sorts of reasons. I know I shouldn't do it, I hate myself for it once I've splurged, BUT, lately, I just don't stop myself from grabbing a "sugary fix" even though I know rationally, it is only a very temporary solution and one that won't last.

    I also know what you mean about not wanting to get on the scale. I feel the same way. I have to force myself to do it. My favorite pair of "skinny" jeans are tight too. I'm going to keep them out and force myself to try them on once a week. How about doing this together? WE CAN DO THIS!!!

    Sharon (LDM),

    You are doing great - Down 47 pounds IS a MAJOR accomplishment!!! I'm very proud of you. You're a great inspiration to us all. It's ok to eat a bit more than usual sometimes. It's how you eat most of the time that matters the most.

    Don't feel guilty if you don't want to spend lots of additional time at the gym. I think it's easy to "burn out" when you try to exercise too much. What about alternating weights with your water fitness classes instead of trying to add additional time in the gym?


    I don't really have any advice that would be helpful for you because stress is just a trigger for me to eat emotionally. I'm glad that you're trying to take care of yourself. I'm also glad that you recognize the fact you need to eat - Maybe try to just eat a bit of your favorite foods when you're really stressed. I know that if you don't eat enough for long periods of time you can slow your metabolism. Don't let that happen!!!



    I think you've given yourself some excellent advice. Try to make yourself go for a short walk. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! If you do it, then I think you'll motivate me to walk more too. I think walking more, instead of trying to jog as much as I do, will help me more in the long run. How about starting tomorrow morning? I know I really shouldn't jog tomorrow. Too bad you don't live anywhere near me... WE CAN DO THIS!!!


    Like you, I tend to be totally into healthy eating or totally emotionally eating. For me, it's like being on a roller coaster sometimes... I wish I knew how to help every one of us who eats emotionally...

    Well, I've got to go. easy child will be home from school soon.

    Everyone, let's try to make tomorrow a healthy day... WFEN
  7. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Well, I am slowly getting things together. I met with the personal trainer at the Y. He is quite capable of making me do the work when I get there. Which is helping. I know it is going to cost me a bit to start with but I don't care my health is worth it right now. He will set up appointments with me until I get used to a good routine. Then it will be a monthly thing. I also signed up for some aquacise. It starts at the end of the month. Can't wait to see how that goes.

    When I did my assessment with the trainer I was mortified when I stepped on the scale. So in addition to everything else now I have that vision of what it said to me on there. When he weighed me he saw the look on my face. He told me that my anger is something we could work with. He suggested not making any radical changes in my diet and things to start with. Just small bits. So now instead of my normal four 20 oz bottles of coke I am drinking only 12 oz bottles. I know in my head I should get rid of them entirely but not ready for radical. Ready for something I can do. When I told him about that he told me that alone will equal two pounds a week.

    I like him he seems to understand that I want to do this but isn't militant about it. Even when I whined on the eliptical machine he said asked "are you in pain?" I told him no I just don't like it. "Well then you can keep going." Was his response. I made a face and told him this s*cks and he said he had selective hearing. I laughed. So he is at least fun to work with.

    This is his second job. Guess what he does for a day job...... A Special Education teacher. I love it. So I am on the wagon but am taking it very slowly this time so it will stick. Making new things a habit.

    Now I am off to eat an orange.

  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Cold weather can make it very difficult to not get caught up in comfort food. I've just managed to get through winter, but I had to avoid all comfort food and find my own alternatives - another helping of muesli, or some brown rice.

    I'm off the diet pills now, as of a week ago. So far, no weight gain. But it's early. I'd like to lose more weight but realistically, the best I can do is maintain my weight.

    So I'm in the next phase and perhaps the trickiest.

    All the best to everyone with your efforts as the days cool down.

    One thing to consider - if you can manage to lose any weight over winter, you can keep it hidden under layers of warm clothing and give everyone a shock when you disrobe next summer!

  9. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Fran-I totally understand what you mean about no middle ground. I too grew up in a house where celebration/holidays=food. Sounds like you are doing good with eating and exercise right now. Are you adding in weights?

    Sharon-Forty-seven pounds is fantastic! The weight lifting is a good thing. I resisted for a long time but it has really helped me a lot.

    Jennifer-Only when I have certain stresses am I unable to eat. Glad you are working at taking care of you.

    Trinity-Happy belated birthday! I agree you have given yorself good advice. I think I have a bit of SAD myself. There are suppose to be some good lights for that.

    WFEN-Good idea about trying on the skinny jeans every week. I agree that we can do this together!

    Beth-Glad you are getting on track! You are making good steps forward!

    Marg-Glad you are maintaining!
  10. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    I don't really know what to say, I am always so concerned with what I weigh, and it's not as important as I'm making it. I did weigh myself today and am 97. That's way too low. I'm a little scared. I have to stay away from here.

    Looking back at pictures and memories, people will remember us for for what kind of people we are, not how much we weigh. I just told H my weight, he told me not to tell anyone- that I like to cause a scene and just want attention. I'm a quiet person and that is untrue. It's a very mean thing to say.

    My wish is for none of you to feel bad about your weight ever. I see all the strength all of you have and I'm rooting for each and every one of you!-Alyssa
  11. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Ninety-seven seems very low (depending upon your height). You are right in that people remember us for what kind of people we are. I'm sorry H was so mean.

    Have you seen a doctor about your weigh?
  12. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Alyssa, difficult child 3 is my height and probably less than your weight. He is very anxious about it. We use Wii Fit which uses BMI to assess whether you need to gain weight or lose it. It helps with core strength exercises, body balance/meditation, weight loss exercises and much more. But the weakness is the emphasis on BMI. For difficult child 3, he is the size and shape he should be at his age. My brothers were the same - skinny sticks until they were about 25. difficult child 1 also has been a skinny stick and is just starting to fill out a bit more. He still weighs less than his fiancee.

    BMI is also insistent that I am still very overweight, bordering on obese. But to look at me now, after all the weight I've lost - no way. The weight that BMI says I should be, is a weight I haven't been since I was reaching puberty. I was not a fat teenagers, I also was a skinny stick. But I was a skinny stick who was long in the body and short in the leg, so for the same body frame, I am going to weigh more - torso weighs more than legs. I mentally adjust BMI in my case and know that I have reached my goal. I could lose at most, maybe 10 more kilos, but that could be going too far.

    difficult child 3, easy child 2/difficult child 2 and difficult child 1 are sticks. However, easy child 2/difficult child 2 has recently been gaining weight - she eats junk. Yesterday she was eating a big bag of sweets. Not healthy. But because her legs are so long, a higher proportion of her height is made up in leg and not torso. Same with her brothers. So although BMI is much lower and says she is underweight, she actually cannot afford to gain the way she is, it's all going on as pudge around her tummy and her face. If she gains the way she seems to be going, she will look like a pumpkin on two chopsticks.

    The one thing she has going for her - she burns up her calories fast. All she needs to do, and all her brothers need to do, is eat a healthy, balanced, varied diet, don't eat the empty calories and processed food, and whatever their bodies settle out at, is the right weight - for them. And to billy-oh with charts and BMI scales!

    The same should go for you - eat a healthy, balanced diet. Focus on growing your own food if you can, or buying fresh produce in season and discover new ways of preparing it. Try to buy a new food that you've never had before - a vegetable perhaps that you've seen but don't know much about. For example, we've recently tried celeriac and fennel bulb - we roasted it, both times. I've also made celeriac into borscht. And on Saturday night we had steamed asparagus with home-made bearnaise sauce (I grow my own tarragon).

    If you recognise that you tend to be obsessive about food - then try to modify your obsession into cooking nourishing meals. And recognise that your body knows best, once you give it the right raw materials.

  13. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    if you are worried about your weight, regardless of what husband says, you need to go to the doctor. Don't let anyone dictate your health!

    Certainly we will be remembered for the mark we make on this earth by how we treated those around us and how much joy we shared. But being healthy is important as well. I don't believe you can be obese or too thin and be healthy. Somewhere inside the body, something is not working right or too much stress is put on body parts.

    I don't identify who I am by my weight, but my weight definately dictates my ability to go out there and experience everything I want to. The facts are that there are limitations when you are large.

    I know my kids and my family love me as I am. I also know that they are very happy for me because they see the difference in my spirit.

    You take care of you just as I am taking care of me. Don't stay away from the scale or this board. We are not a board just of woman loosing weight. We are a board who believe we should take charge of our lives and live healthier. There's always room..........

  14. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sharon, thank you for your words. You are a wise women. Taking charge seems impossible to me these days. I just do not have it in me.

    I expect I will be starting an anti-anxiety soon. It is becoming overwhelming.
    Oddly, my blood pressure seems to have tappered down a bit without the use of medication. I will be speaking to the doctor about that as well. I did not get the last rx filled because a day or so after she prescribed it, my BiPolar (BP) started to regulate.
    I am tired. I am tired of worrying about it. I am tired of thinking about it. I am sooo very tired of walking into a doctor's office.
    I think there might be some depression stemming from all this just getting me down.

    I do want to take charge though. I just can't seem to.
  15. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    perhaps the blood pressure came down a little because you are eating healthier.

    Are you getting any exercise? I know that, for many folks, exercise is a great anti depression tool (not to mentioned the destressing factor). Are you able to take a walk, or pop in a tape, or get boyfriend to do something active with you? Maybe if you guys did something together a couple days a week it would pay you back in multiples! Time together and fresh air!

    It's tough for someone to tell you to "snap out of it" when they don't walk in your shoes. Health concerns about ourselves and our loved ones are probably right up there as top anxiety producers with finances these days. We are so take charge when we deal with the health of family (you were a rock for boyfriend's mom) and loved ones. Why do we crumble so when it comes to us?

    Stay strong Wendy. You got healthier and happier a number of years ago by taking charge. I know you will be able to turn the corner on this as well. I know you are waiting for answers - but keep at it girl - you know I'm pulling for you!!!!

  16. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    girlfriend's mother came to dinner on Monday night. She hasn't seen me since Easter, when we last met to discuss wedding plans. All she could say was "Wow!" over and over, then "How long did this take?"
    She kept casting meaningful looks at girlfriend which I felt wasn't fair - girlfriend has the build of an Islander woman and so will always be a big girl with a voluptuous figure. You really can't compare. girlfriend eats a healthy diet although does tend to at times crave sugar. However, she is a sensible eater, just cursed with a large frame. I think she looks fabulous as she is.

    Seriously, I am getting a lot out of growing food. Even if all I can do is grow fresh herbs, at least I feel a sense of achievement. If I want to make an omelette, for example, I can go into the garden and pick fresh parsley, fresh basil, maybe a leaf of tarragon, some chives - and know that if I also add a slice of onion and a bit of garlic then I have just added 6 plant products to my meal. If you need something to obsess about that can get you healthy, it's a diet variation that was promoted here in Australia a few years ago. You try to eat at least 12 different plant products in the same day. It really does force you to eat a varied (and therefore interesting, and flavourful) diet. It also makes for a healthier diet.

    What is most important here - good health. The same diet should be capable of putting healthy weight on, as taking unhealthy weight off. I've talked about the CSIRO diet - it is an example of a diet that can be used to gain as well as lose.

    A yummy suggestion that could fit either diet - steamed fresh asparagus with home-made bearnaise sauce. Yes, even on my weight-reducing diet, this is allowed. You don't need more than a teaspoon of bearnaise sauce, to serve 4 people as a side serve. It would go well with a piece of steak (which also tastes fabulous with bearnaise). Anyone wanting an easy recipe for bearnaise, say the word.
    There is no rule that says diets need to be boring, spartan or sacrificial. I LOVE food. I've had to teach myself to have the confidence to play with food but I do find it very satisfying to cook for other people. Sharing simple recipes that I've tested myself just takes it even further.

    Wendy, I've had my embarrassing failures as well, which can totally knock my confidence. But it happens to everyone. A success in cooking, when you serve up something that someone else enjoys, can do so much for my self-esteem that I find the energy to do even more than I thought possible.

    You do what you can do and value your achievements. Don't ever dwell on what you haven't got to yet. If you had a list of things to do, and ticked off every thing as you did it, you would be amazed at just how long the list would be. We never give ourselves enough credit for what we accomplish; instead we beat ourselves up for what we fail to achieve. The more we do this, the more we slow ourselves down.