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    in this county can botch everything? I just got a letter about difficult child's education while he was in the detention center (for 2 weeks). I thought it was going to be a transcript of grades. LOL, I know.

    Now, difficult child had said that they thought he was in high school already (he's in 8th grade) and had given him GED type tests to see how he did and he passed the math GED. This could be true. He said they also gave him other tests on a different day. I just got those results- no transcript- so maybe he got no education while there. This kid might have to take 8th grade over due to this carp.

    Anyway- he's behind grade level in reading and half-way through 8th grade level advanced math- also considered borderline behind for that. Why? They tested him for being in 9th grade. What morons. I can only imagine where they got the idea that he was in 9th grade instead of 8th- since the detention center is in the same sd as his home sd but detent gets it's info from court services unit.
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    Ugh! I can't believe how much incompetency you're having to deal with.
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    I'm sorry you have such twilite zone problems. I wish I were surprised or disbelieving but- :-( my son missed nearly 18 mos of school for his eye surgeries no homebound etc. before his injury he was 3 grade levels below peers....upon return to school our dist demanded & required he advance fully mainstream & they removed all accomodations & sent him on to middle school. same dist - & ms wanted to punish him forhis inability. nothing any institution does or doesn't do surprises me anymore. I've totally lost faith
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    and the band played on.......GOOD GRIEF.......

    This is the problem we had with Dude - in SC you need so many Carneagy units to graduate. I'm surprised because it's how they are able to give or deny a diploma to students. Even in severely Learning Disability (LD) or ED I'm told the criteria and exit exam is the same. I somehow doubt that a person with a 54 IQ could pass the exit exam, and takes the same test. BECAUSE I asked if Dude would take a different test based on the placements he has been in.

    The SD said no. NO......he has to take the GED test, pass and then can get his GED certificate. Well that's great - but---after being in these placements and Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s and group homes that were NOT accredited towards giving him carneagy units - he's not walking this year - and was not welcome back to the high school as a student of 18 - who would be in the 9th grade.....and have to attend 4 more years of school and graduate with 18 year olds when he would be 21/22. So basically the SD and the caseworkers who "thought" these placements had accredited schools - botched that totally.

    I feel for you - but if you could get your hands on your sons school records and send them to the headmaster at Department of Juvenile Justice? I would do it. UGH.
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    Thanks all! I'm working on that, Star. The sd is on spring break this week but I emailed asking if I could pick up a copy of the last SIGNED iep and transcripts on Tuesday.