How is the brethren, in week 37?

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    Ok, close enough, right? Are we all still plugging away? I've been getting up at 5 and going to the gym, then taking my shower there, and getting home in time to wake the kids for school. It's working, and I love being the only one there!!!! I either box at night with husband, or we go to the gym and do our machines, swim, go in the sauna, and the steam room. I feel like I'm on vacation. That feeling I get when I'm done is my drug. I am truly addicted!!!!! I wonder how much I weigh? I know my pants are too big, they would fall right down without a belt!!!

    You ladies are an inspiration to me!
    How's it going?-Alyssa
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    Alyssa, good for you!!!!

    Actually, it's week 38 already! I used to get up early like that and go to the gym. I too like the quietness of the early morning. Step up on that scale girl and give us a number - although I do believe how you feel is really important.
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    Alyssa, sounds like you're going great! Keep up the good work! As Sharon said, a number would be good. Then you can compare your progress.

    I've lost another kilo, I'm now 21 Kg (46.3 lb) lighter than I was when I started. I have 2 weeks to go on these diet pills, then I find out how well I can maintain.

    I still weigh 75 Kg (165 lb) and yet I am now slightly smaller than the national average typical female. That is still smaller than the US female average. According to BMI, I'm still at the top of the overweight range, just below "obese". Which just goes to show how wrong BMI is, at least for me. I can't talk about dress sizes because the system is different in Australia. I'm a size 12-14 on the bottom half, 16 on the top. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is very thin, tiny, and is a size 8-10. I think that's fairly close to size 0, US.

    I was trying on clothes again today - because I keep old clothes, somewhere in the hoard there should be something that fits. My stomach isn't flabby any more, but it's not flat either. It's soft and saggy. So are other bits of me - my thighs, for example. My arse. It always was wide and flat. Now it's flatter. No wonderful Kylie Minogue bum for me, ever. darnit. My arms - I wave byebye and my arms keep waving, after I've stopped. My chin is now beginning to look a bit turkey-neck also. I never thought my first wrinkles would be my neck!

    I had to do this, for my health. My appearance was not good before. It's not brilliant now, but in a different way. Still - again, appearance really doesn't matter. At least there are tricks I can do, to deal with sag. If I have to.

    mother in law has been not hassling me as much lately, about how pale I look (so she's been saying). I've had it over and over, for the last seven months since I began this diet - "You shouldn't diet so drastically; a little of this won't hurt you..." (when "this" could be chocolate biscuits, a creamy sauce, a carb-loaded, fat-laden macaroni cheese) "'re looking so dreadfully pale." And the emotive language increasingly came in - "You're looking sick/pale/ghastly white/dreadful/insert phrase here."

    I was waiting for it on Saturday night - I've been staying close to home lately, either supervising difficult child 3 closely or just not wanting to get out and about with the pain levels I've had. So Saturday night's fundraising dinner was my body's first outing in the village for months. I wore a red dress that easy child bought for my birthday in June - amazingly, a summer dress in Target in winter! But I know it looked good. It looked good even when I was 15 Kg heavier.

    In general I look better. I have curves. My hair is shorter, greys covered, styled to look younger. I wore some makeup. And in mother in law's hearing, people kept coming up and saying, "WOW! You look great! You look so much younger!"

    And from mother in law, I heard not a thing. I was on tenterhooks but very happy to not hear her say, "But she looks dreadfully ill."

    husband had been reading my posts at work today, I mentioned this problem in another thread. Tonight he said to me, "Has she still been hassling you? I spoke to her about two weeks ago when she was at me - again - about how pale you look. I let her have it, both barrels, about how important this weight loss has been, that you're doing it under specialist supervision, that you were heading for liver failure..." (a bit of an exaggeration. A bit, anyway. I WAS heading for lap band surgery, the doctor said) "...and that you really had no choice, and need every bit of help you can get, not sabotage."

    When I think about it - mother in law has been very quiet on the topic for about two weeks. I think it must have worked!

    I wish I could exercise more. Maybe that would help tone up my saggy bits. I'm feeling like the saggy baggy elephant. Or a shar pei. But my pain levels are just too high and it's taking ages to find out what is going on.

    I last saw most of my family (siblings) in February. I saw one of my sisters and one of my brothers in July, they noticed a lot of change. I saw easy child at the same time, then saw her again a week ago and she reckoned I looked smaller again in those few weeks. The next time I see my siblings will be for difficult child 1's wedding. They're in for a shock!

    I might wear that red dress...

    One thing I do need to do - I need to make sure I'm taking my vitamins. I strongly recommend this to everyone who's dieting - make sure you take extra vitamins including calcium and iron (if possible) because chances are, you won't be getting enough in your diet.

    I'm going to have to keep doing this even after I stop my pills in a fortnight. So I'm going to need you all to keep me going.

    It will be interesting!

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    Wow! Great progress everyone.

    Alyssa--keep up the good work! Sounds like you've got a great exercise routine going, one that you can maintain. Personally, I think you're on the right track not weighing yourself. As another one who can be ruled by "the numbers", I find it best not to know.

    Sharon--exercising early in the morning is the best. You have the gym to yourself and have time to just focus on your workout without distractions, or competition for machines or anything.

    Marg--Wow! You have made amazing progress on your program. I'm glad to hear that your liver health is improving, and hope that it continues as you begin the maintenance phase. I agree with you about the BMI--I've always found it to be misleading, because it doesn't account for differences in muscle mass, bone density, skeletal size or many other factors, just height & weight.

    I seem to be in maintenance mode on the weight loss front, as my size hasn't really changed much over the last several weeks. I do feel fitter and tighter though. I think not being on the road so much has allowed me to get back to a healthy routine, and I am trying very hard to break the unhealthy snacking habits I picked up over the summer "grand tour". Late night snacking is still my downfall, but I try to limit it to a serving of edamame or a small salad rather than a bowl of chips or cheesies, so it's not doing terrible damage to my waistline.

    The Trinity family continues to hold steady. husband is rapidly shrinking out of the new clothes we bought him a couple of weeks ago, Little easy child came 4th out of 50 in his pee wee duathlon (bike, run, bike) and he's gotten very interested in learning how to cook "healthy food to help me grow". I've been keeping him with me in the kitchen and he's been learning. He makes a pretty good salad (I do the chopping for him).

    As for my dance exam, I passed! I have officially graduated to Bronze Level II, and start my new set of classes this afternoon. There is a ball this Friday, where they have the awards, graduation certificate presentations and, of course, a dance. husband has ordered a new dance costume for me as an early birthday present, so I hope it arrives on time. Otherwise, I will wear the spangly purple one again.
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    Alyssa-You are doing awesome! I used to go to the club at 3:30 in the morning for a couple of years but now can't make myself do it. I do totally relate to that great high when finishing exercise!

    Sharon-You're right the quietness in the morning at the club is great!

    Marg-I'm glad your weight loss is going well. You've done an amazing job especially with-o being able to do much exercising.

    Trinity-Glad you are doing so well! A new outfit for your birthday sounds great! Congrats on passing your level:)

    As for me I'm still plugging away trying to fit times in for the club. I'm going all different times and days right now-averaging 4 days a week although last week I think I only made 3. Eating is a challenge because I'm getting home with difficult child earlier than husband and easy child so I snack to much. Somehow I've managed to hold steady with my weight.

    I know though I have to get better or it will start to show. I know I'll do this somehow, someway because it is truly a lifestyle but some days I feel like throwing up my arms and saying, "Forget it" and just eating everything I want. I think working at ww helps because I have to stay within my goal weight.
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    Wiped Out: I can relate to the feeling of wanting to throw your hands up in the air, that's why I'm scared to weigh myself- maybe I've not lost enough, or on the other hand, maybe I've lost a good enough amount. As long as you haven't gained- you're still going strong. Good for you for getting to the gym- 3 or 4 times a week. I know what you mean about the snacking...just go with it, plan for it.

    Marg: Good for you!!! Don't let that mother in law sabatoge your efforts. Just smile and ignore her.Absolutely wear that red dress to the wedding!!!! 46 pounds is amazing, and it'll be more by the wedding.

    Trinity, I never had any doubt you would pass!!! As long as you're fitter and tighter, I don't think it matters - I saw that video of you dancing, you look good. It sounds like your whole family is doing well, Way To Go TRPC!!!

    Little Dude's Mom: Last time I got on the scale it said 105.6. But I feel like an enormous pig.I'm too scared to get on it. What if it is the same? or more? or I didn't lose enough?.....I'm really eating healthy, not starving myself- in the past, I would just gain it back when I did that-and there's nothing more I can do. My size 2 pants are too big, so I'm getting comfort from that. I hate my flab!