How long does it take for Ritalin to "kick in"?


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My granddaughter has just started taking Ritalin (she's 11). She should have started several years ago when she was diagnosed, but she refused and my daughter didn't force her. Now she has "consented" (nice of her!) and she started yesterday. I was wondering how long it would take until any improvement may be seen in her understanding and internalizing stuff she hears and learns in school. It's as if she dreams the whole time and doesn't take almost anything in. I'd be grateful for feedback. Thanks guys.

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Our experience is that with the stimulant medications like Ritalin you would see a difference right away, assuming it's the right dosage. It's not one of those medications that needs to "build up" in the system. But sometimes the dr's start low and need to increase the dosage to get to a therapeutic level.


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With my grandson (NOT the dreamy type like his mother's ADD was and is:eek:), within three or four days we saw a difference.

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We have a low dose with about an 8 hr window. Though Concerta worked last year, this year it really affected our son's appetite. We have him on a dose that he takes after a good breakfast and wears off enough that dinner usually isn't an issue.

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