How many have kids from 4 through 5th/6th grade

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    If any of you are considering getting them the leap systems or even the innovtab thing, I would urge you to look at the Nabi 2 tablet. I wish I had found this before I bought the leapfrog explorer for Keyana but I bought that on ebay and cant take it back. Will just keep it and some of the games for her to play and pass it down to Kenzie later because of the ages on it.

    The Nabi 2 is a true tablet that is made with actual android internal components and is running ice cream sandwich. It is not a kids tablet but it runs in two modes: Kids mode which is called Nabi mode and Parent mode which is a regular tablet mode and looks just like any other high priced tablet. To get to the parent mode you have to have the password. It comes with the amazon market, a market to get apps for the kids mode and some other stuff like a University program. This thing actually grows with the kid like crazy. It connects to the internet but the kids browser is completely safe. I have tried to get around it. I cant. It has books for the younger set that will read aloud to them if they are just learning to read or you can turn that part off and they can read them for themselves. You can add more books. They can also write their own books.

    It is an awesome tablet for both parents and kids. It also has bumpers on it and specialized glass. They did testing online with kids and the kids picked this tablet over the iPad.
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    Interesting! I hadn't heard of it. Both my older ones are getting Kindle Fire HD tablets. My youngest is getting a LeapPad2.
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    greenrene....If you can take that leappad2 back and buy this Nabi 2, you will save yourself a ton of money. Even though your son is only 3, he is old enough for it. You can download apps for it off the amazon and android market place that are aged for him and if he can play games on your phone, he can play this. Most kids his age are already playing Angry Birds and beating their

    With Leappad, the games are 20 to 25 bucks a game. Apps are 10. The leappad 2 itself was what, 89 on sale? That adds up fast. I know, I bought the leapfrog explorer gs for Keyana and am kicking myself. Now I have to buy those expensive games for it. Well Im gonna make her daddy buy them because I will pass the game system down to McKenzie in a couple of years. Besides that, the Leapster things only go through age 7. Phht. The Nabi goes through adult. Im using it right now to watch Netflix. I can skype too. It has a front facing camera and wifi.

    You would love it.
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    Well, it's coming from grandma, and she's already ordered it and a whole bunch of accessories and such. I'll have to investigate further. Thanks for the info! We are an Android family, and the Kindle Fires are also Android based.
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    yes, my oldest has the kindle fire. He is the one who found this little gem for me. I was going to get a Samsung Tablet later on just for me but he researched it and found this one was good for both me and the kids.