How many life changing events can happen at once??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by PatriotsGirl, Aug 21, 2013.

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    So...we have been in Georgia about 12 years now. We have no family down here - everyone is up in Massachusetts. We have built a good life down here. Good jobs, house, but not much else. We have a couple of friends that we see once in a while, but no one to keep us tied here. We always said if we won the lottery we would move back up north to be closer to family and friends. It was always a dream, never thinking it would be reality...

    Well, husband flew to St. Louis on Monday to attend a conference for his company. He ended up talking with the GM of the plant in Massachusetts and told him if there are any sales positions open, he would be interested. His boss was standing right there and he was apologetic but she knows we would go back home if given the chance. They talked and had lunch the next day.

    Well HR called his boss today! They are very, very interested in my husband. His boss gave him a glowing recommendation. Of course, there is lots and lots to talk about and negotiate but OMG. We would have to go. It could be our only opportunity to be closer to his mom and dad while they are still with us. easy child would be VERY upset and I would really hate that. But, being the incredible kid he is, he completely understands why we would do it. I would want difficult child and Connor to come with us, too, though. She could attend treatment up there and then stay there. We are thinking Cape Cod or New Hampshire.

    I just had my mid year review and was told I was a critical member of the group and crucial for the growth of the company. I can do my job anywhere. All I need is a phone and a laptop. :) I know they will let me keep my job if I move.

    It is just all happening SO fast. husband said it may not even happen and if it does, it could take months, but I am thinking they sure did call QUICK. He just got home last night! So WOW. ANOTHER possible major life change...
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    Wow! PG how exciting! I hope everything you desire is exactly what transpires.........YAY!
  3. tiredmommy

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    Fingers crossed that all works out!!!!!
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    Can I come visit? I was going to say can I come too but I would miss the grands too badly.

    My dad's family is all in Reading Mass which is about 12 miles from Boston. My mom actually lived in NH for awhile and I have been to Cape Cod with a boyfriend when I was 16. I keep telling Tony we have to go there some day because he would love the fishing!
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    Wow, sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Good things come to those who wait.......

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    Pretzeling... This is awesome!
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    Very exciting!
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    We are both talking about it and gosh, the timing is just awful. In so many ways. easy child mostly, though. So, we will see. It would have to be an amazing offer. Otherwise, we will wait until easy child finishes high school...he is a sophomore - not like it is forever! :)