How much sugar is okay?

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    Hi, I'm new here and I need lots of help! DS has not had a formal diagnosis, but the pediatrician says "I think he has ADHD." I think there is more to it than that, but for now, we are waiting to see a psychologist next month. I am trying to cut out sugar, but it is really hard. How many grams in a day should I limit him to?
    I did really well this weekend with the groceries & I bought things like SF grape jelly, snack crackers, and no sugar added applesauce to pack in his lunch. He is a super picky eater!! PB&J is a must. He doesn't like hardly any veggies. Just like his daddy!
    I really need suggestions for school lunch and after school snacks. Breakfast and dinner is easy since husband and I eat Low-Carb, but sending something low sugar for lunch is new to me!
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    For my ADD kid, none. We've used a food program for 6 yrs with very good success. BUT it's a family program, to not single the child out, and you MUST follow the steps to succeed. And it MUST NOT be rushed.

    It's free too. :))

    For kids:

    For adults:

    Good luck.

    Pam R.
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    Thanks for the links! I was really asking about the naturally occuring sugars like in the applesauce I bought, 8g and of course whole fruit.
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    Natural sugars (if kept to a minimum to moderate level) shouldn't be so much of a problem, if balanced with proteins. It's the chemical sugars like corn syrup and especially high fructose corn syrup that usally causes more problems.

    I usually buy applesauce that has no sugar added. A lot of the other applesauces add corn syrup and personally, I think applesauce is sweet enough without the added sugar. Whole fruit is a natural sugar and shouldn't be a problem. However, balancing it out with nuts, peanut butter or cheese is the best thing to do, because the natural sugars in fruit will still cause the insulin in the body to react.
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    My 7 yr old has ADHD real bad. For her lunches she gets PB& SFJ a couple times a week, and then I wrap different types of lunch meat around cheese instead of a sandwich for the other days. She gets an apple, orange or SF fruit cup to balance it out. She loves them and it is different from a sandwich every day.
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    My son doesn't have a noticable problem with sugar. It's caffiene that makes him extremely hyper. He gets none at all if we can help it. That's just our experience. Best of luck!
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    I have been reading a really good book. "The Sugar Fix-The high-Fructose fallout that is making you Fat and Sick" By Richard J. Johnson M.D.

    This book is so easy to read....has menus for suggested eating....lists of food that hides these items and to avoid at al costs!

    My Daughter has been eating only the items I have bought that were suggested and has lost 6 poinds in less than 2 weeks. That and she seems to have a better attitude, and for a pre-Teen girl that says a lot!!!

    We just tried Smuckers Natural peanut butter and it is not so bad. The kids didn't notice that it didn't have any sugar at all in it combined with sugar free bread and Jam.

    Anyway I hope someone reads this book it was a HUGE help with seeing what I have been doing wrong. Also it has a 2 week sugar detox menu that made it all really really easy!

    Best Wishes!