How often do medications to be adjusted once they are stabilized

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by wintak, May 16, 2011.

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    I'm asking cuz my son has been on Concerta for 5 mos and it seems like it's not working as well anymore. I NEVER thought it worked at home, but school was saying he was much calmer and could focus (I don't see that at home at all). Now one of his teachers is saying he's getting less and less focused again, although other teachers are saying he's still focused.

    So do their bodies get used to a certain dose after months or a year and it needs to be adjusted upwards? He has not grown appreciably in height or weight in 5 mos so it's not that he's bigger and the dose would need to go up, too. Just seems to be wearing off? Body getting used to it? Is that possible?
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    My difficult child 'L' is also on concerta and risperdal, we did have to increase to 36mg about 6 months in for the same reason (and she actually lost weight) so I would say yes, they do start to adjust to it. We have also had other behaviors re-emerge and psychiatrist decided today to up the risperdal too. Its really a guessing game as far as finding the right levels & right combinations of medications, we have been thru several now and usually psychiatrist says "Lets try this, call me in a week/ 2 weeks and let me know how its working." Hang in there, eventually you will find the combination that helps the most, we still haven't gotten there with L after 2 years of medication trials and adjustments.

    ((HUGS)) I feel your pain :)