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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, Jul 28, 2007.

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    That I'm dreading the next two days to the point that I've put myself in a bad mood? husband left earlier to go to Brickyard (Nascar race in Indy) with his brother and they won't be back until Monday. difficult child has had the worst attitude lately and in the past few days has really increased his little lying habit.

    I'm just to the point that I dread spending any time with him especially when it's just him and I. We seem to push each other's buttons so much and I've gotten so fed up lately with his whole attitude. I can't even seem to bring myself to enjoy his "nice" moments. Instead I find myself just counting down the days until he's 18 and we can look at other living options for him.

    I would love to get away somewhere for a few days but things are really tight right now until I can find a full time job and there really isn't anyone he can stay with for a few days.

    Guess I just wanted to vent a little. Pity party over now, thanks for listening.
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    I'm sorry you're having such a tough time with your difficult child right now. It can be such a struggle sometimes with them that I know that feeling of not even wanting to try to have fun with them. Those are usually the times when our difficult child wants me to entertain him. Jeesh.

    Hugs going out to you. Would your difficult child enjoy catching a movie with you or something like that - would take up a huge chunk of one of the days if there was something you both might like to see.
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    I get it. The guilt is overwhelming sometimes but then it's hard to hang around with someone you don't really like much. It's just natural! I find that if we can "do" something like watch a movie or go swimming, an activity...that helps. Good luck! Don't feel bad about farming him out to a friend and getting some "you" time.
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    I'm sorry you're stuck with difficult child by yourself for the next 2 days. I hope you find something to keep you both busy.
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    Heck, my difficult child and I have mastered the art of staying away from each other. It just works better. She is much nicer passing me in the hallway on the way back to her room.

    Is it the best scenario for me? It is not what I imagined when I gave birth, but what is?
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    As I recall Travis seemed to cause me not to like him very much at 17. I was also counting the days til his 18th birthday.

    I dunno why now, since he's 21 and still here. lmao :hammer:

    Boys at that age all seem to be major PITA's. Maybe it's the whole wanting to be independent thing, or heck, maybe God made it that way so we'd want to push them out of the nest when the time came.

    I tended to take more "me" time at this point. I needed it. Just little breaks that gave me a bit to settle my nerves and relax before dealing with Travis again. It helped.

    I took so many long walks during this time I lost 20 pounds. lol

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    I know exactly what you mean! I feel so bad at times that I can't have the bond with difficult child that I wanted to have when I found out I was pregnant with her. Even as a baby she wanted nothing to do with me. Most babies love to be held and rocked. Not so with difficult child. Put her in her crib and she would go right to sleep.
    easy child on the other hand. Mom got him so spoiled when she came to visit when he was about a month old that when she went back to AZ. I had to call her so she could sing to him over the phone while I rocked him so he would go to sleep. I was never as glad as I was the day the mail went and she had sent a tape to play for him.LOL.
    It days like these I miss Mom and not being able to just pick up the phone and say hey!