how to chanel feeling overwhelmed

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Steely

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    I am so overwhelmed with all this move entails, I just froze today and took a nap. It seems like the to do list is endless - and the worries are unrelenting. Everything from what if the cat starts peeing everywhere in the new place, to maybe I need to go to all of my docs before I move since there are few docs, to what if my car breaks down when I get up there and I am stuck in the middle of no where with a crapped out car.................To the more normal stuff like getting things packed, and who will help me move, and will I have enough time to do all of this.

    I don't do mental chaos well. I like everything planned and organized, and if things are all up in the air like they are now, sometimes I get really overwhelmed and start to obsessively worry, and then I just freeze.

    Any ideas other than make a list? And meditating? And just taking one day at a time?

    I am extremely proud of myself for being so brave and jumping into this huge pool of the unknown world - but I cannot say I handle the chaos of the unknown too well. I crave structure. And I really do not handle a zillion things to do at the same time well. I just catastrophize, and freeze. (Not to mention packing up 12 years of memories from a house riveted with difficult child baggage, a really bad marriage, etc. is really, really emotional.) If I had money I would hire a personal assistant, because that is what I need.

    Thanks for your help and support.:faint:
  2. goldenguru

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    I'm a list maker. If it were me, I might try to make out a weekly agenda with-all of the things that I need to get done. Somehow, just getting it on paper in an organized fashion makes it seem less intimidating.

    And I have an old saying that I use when I get overwhelmed: "If it's important - it will get done".
  3. everywoman

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    How about a calendar---with specific tasks for specific days---that way you see what you have to do in the time you have to do it---and only put a limited # of tasks on each day---that way each day doesn't seem so overwhelming. The key is to only look at one day at a time---don't look at the rest of the week/month---just concentrate on your daily tasks.
  4. Andy

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    Take one project at a time. You like structure so plan you next few days via the calendar.

    One half to one and a half to one day for packing each room. You decide how much time per room and focus only on that. You can not work on anything but that one thing until it is done.

    Clean one of the smaller rooms out first. As you pack, put things in there to be given away - things that are too nice to throw but you don't want to take with you. Box the items as you find them. If you choose to give to a thrift store, contact them when you are done to see if they will come pick it up.

    Can you rent a dumpster? Start throwing!

    It would be great if you could get all the doctor appts on one day but that will abe very difficult so try scheduling first thing in the morning or as late in the afternoon as possible (I choose for late cause once I leave the house, it is hard to get going on cleaning when I return).

    Choose 1/2 day just for paperwork/errands (that's contacting companies to turn off utilities, get moving info materials from the post office, ect.)

    You will do fine. Work on shutting out all the distractions.
  5. 1905

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    Give yourself a schedule-plan it from now until the move. You'll know exactly what you have to get done each day, it'll be easier to comprehend if you can see it. It won't be as overwelming. Schedule some time for relaxing too.- Alyssa
  6. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Moving is a great time to get rid of things..... keep just what is essential and if your towels are starting to look ragged pitch them...... get new ones in AZ..... don't try to keep too much, make a clean sweep and you won't have that much to pack...... Shopping in your new area will be a great activity too, before you make too many friends and don't have time to go anywhere...... I know you said you are out in the middle of nowhere, but bet there are some nearby places to go and by driving around you get to know your new neighborhood........
  7. Jena

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    I am never in here anymore due to my job. i'm so so proud of you and so amazed by you, words cannot even describe. you should be so proud of going into the unknown taking hold of your future this way and letting it unfold.

    you have come so far in such short time. you will get all this done and get it done well to boot i bet. do lists, and take naps that was a great move today, also do a whole lot of mediation breathing if you know the breathing that goes along with it.

    the breathing is what gets me thru the day honestly. otherwise i think i'd have a panic attack.

    so so so excited for you!!!!:beautifulthing:
  8. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Sounds just like me!! I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with others lately- I take it you got the job- BIG Congratulations!! You'll get there! I wish I had advice- especially about moving out of the home with M not being there. I am debating on moving too and go back and forth between thinking I could never leave to wanting to run.

    Hang in there- a list is all I know to help.
  9. amazeofgrace

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    heah I have not been on in ages, the move sounds like good news, change is good. Baby steps, you'll get there, I know I freeze when ever I have a large task....

    praying, hugs! where are you moving again?
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I make a list and only let myself focus on one thing at a time. If I didn't, I'd be a basket case. Since I'm feeling overwhelmed with mother in law's situation.....I've been using this method ALOT. lol But it's getting the job done.

  11. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    OK, I have my list, and I will focus on only one of these at things a time. Although sometimes they have some overlap. I will try and do 3 things a day that involve the phone, as well as packing a couple of hours a day (and working).

    I have to work until the 29th and then move the 4th..........YIKES. I still have not told Matt, I am supposed to tell him Tues with the counselor present on the phone. I am worried about that, and the extra stress this could present us all.
    "Hey by the way, I moved kiddo. The room you had for 18 years is gone. Sorry!" I personally would find this a bit hard - so I knew he will - but he also had a zillion bad memories here - so hopefully he will be able to balance it all out.

    Today I felt like I got little done, but in actuality, I got a lot planned in my head. I will definitely throw away lots........and keep little.

    Thanks for all of you support. Wish me luck with telling Matthew.
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    It's hard for a kid to let go of a childhood home......especially if a whole childhood was spent there. I know, went thru it myself as a kid.

    Maybe making a list of pros and cons of the move for Matt might help. (kid version of the one you used to make the decision) My stepdad at the time did this for me.....and while I was angry at first, I eventually was able to realize he was right and that the move was a good thing for me too.

    by the way didn't anyone ever tell you planning can be the hardest part? lol ;)