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    Hi. I'm new posting here, but I've been lurking for awhile. My seven year old daughter has been evaluated by a developmental pediatrician, a psychologist, social workers etc. and has a diagnosis of ADHD. That's not her full story by any means though I'm afraid! We've also been told in the past that she exhibits signs of anxiety, ODD and she has sensory processing disorder. There is bipolar, schizophrenia and explosive rage disorder in her birthfamily. I'd like to have her evaluated by a neuropsychologist like many of you have suggested to others, but have no idea on how to find one who sees young children. Do I just start calling around, as there are several listed in my area? What kind of questions do I ask? When I mentioned this to our pediatrican she said since my daughter has been evaluated at a Child Development Center with the above mentioned professionals, there was no need for a neuropsychologist. I am so confused.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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    As for why you would want one.
    I would want one to rule out other possible diagnosis. Or to rule in other possible diagnosis. To find out if there are any learning disorders. To find out how your child learns in general. Why your child may struggle in life? How you can help her.
    Lastly how you and you School District can better help your Daughter and what possible placements should and could be set up.
    There are a ton of reasons to do this evaluation.
    Anyone who says no, really doesn't understand the thought process that goes into one.

    Just the possibility of a full and better understanding of your child's mind is worth it. Let alone the possibility of School help, maybe not right now, but even in the future.

    I would ask whoever is working with her, using these reasons. Be a bit pushy, let them know also that you feel there is something more going on. Be nice but pushy.
    Ask them who they would recommend.

    If they have no one in mind I would call around and ask for someone who specializes in pediatric neuro-psychological evaluations.
    I personally prefer a private one, but others like one through a hospital.
    You can google Nuero-Psychologists, call them if they can't do it ask them for a recommendation.
    Just keep asking and calling.
    Also my Nuero-psychiatric is listed under the CHADD website and CABF website. So you can check different sites, even if she doesn't have that diagnosis.

    Good luck. I think everyone here who has had it done does not regret it. PS they do cost a lot.
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    I found ours through our local children's hospital. They both saw patients in clinic as well as in private practice. Both exams for my difficult child's were covered 100% by my ppo health insurance. I just had to pay my office co-pay.

    They will want to know why you are seeking an evaluation when you call. No doubt when you explain your situation they will agree that their services are totally appropriate for your child.

    Our evaluations have revealed reasons why my difficult child's don't perform to their potential, as well as reasons for some comorbid disorders and recommendations for what to do about it. It has helped in formulating IEPs for school, seeking therapy, and fine-tuning psychiatric treatment.

    Good luck to you!
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    Is she adopted?

    My son was tested at a university hospital. NeuroPsychs are there. There are often long waiting lists because they are GOOD, but hang in there.
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    Thank you for your replies. We live far ( 5 hours) from the University/Childrens hospitals in our state so I was surprised when I googled Neurophsychs and got so many in our area. I want the best of course!

    She was adopted. She was so challenging as an infant that I knew within a few months that she was so different (we also have an older daughter who was also adopted) that I had her tested for delays at 9 months old. We have Open Adoptions, so we know her birthmother and she has alot of similarities so I know somewhat what we should expect. I want better for my daughter though.