How to get a neuropsychologist or other relevant evaluations

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    Son has NOT completed his Algebra summer school course. This is despite getting the luxury of doing it at home at his own pace. He is more than capable of doing the work and doing it well. His biggest block in math is that he WON'T write out his work. For this summer school work, he does not have to show the work for the test, but he needs to write at least a few computation notes to keep it straight in his head.

    Last week I got beyond frustrated with him, lost my temper and yelled out my frustrations. Afterwards he decided to complete the open unit and got a 100 on the unit test (YES HE CAN DO IT). Despite reminding him of this HUGE accomplishment and more gentle prodding, he has not continued with his work. When I bring it up he goes straight into frustrated/depressed mode.

    Generally he gets As and Bs in all other classes. He STILL has problems with getting assignments, and handing them in (even if they are completed)

    I'm planning on calling an IEE meeting and requesting a neuropsychologist evaluation. I'm just guessing they'll want specific reasons why I want the expensive evaluation.

    So, what specifically do I tell them?
    To 'play nice' what other specific evaluations should/could I ask for instead?

    I have an appointment for him with a neurologist (NOT neuropsychologist) in November. This seemed to be the only avenue I could get his pediatrician and insurance to begin with to get an "official" Asperger's diagnosis for him (his diagnosis is essentially from previous school evaluations signed off by a GP)

    Any input will be appreciated.
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    I'm not sure what to tell you. My difficult child doesn't show his work in math either because he can do it in his head and has a hard time putting what's in his head on paper. The teacher has even asked him to just explain to her how he did it and he can't seem to find the words either. He used to get A's in math until they started taking points off for not showing work.

    As for requesting a neuropsychologist, I can't help you there. What you ask for largely will depend on what testing they have already done and what areas still aren't being met, in my humble opinion. I went through my regular pediatrician to get the referral. I can't think of any good reason for a school to pay for a neuropsychologist if THEY don't feel it's necessary. Good luck. Wish I could give you some ideas.