How to get new goals added to IEP


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We have an IEP meeting schedule for Wed this week (I guess it worked getting the Asst Director of Special Education involved).

What I want to know is this - is there a specific format or document that is used to present specific parental concerns to the team so they can be considered when writing new goals?

difficult child's IEP is currently for social/emotional/behavioral. He only has two goals which are pretty useless - and is getting social skills training by the Special Education teacher. I want those goals to be more specific - as well as I have other concerns I want addressed in his IEP that are currently not. One is organizational supports, and the other is anger management techniques or training. What can I do to formally convey my concerns and requests to them at the IEP meeting, so they don't blow it off?



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I think what I need is a sample Parent Input Report for IEP review meeting - how to ask for what I want and what I should include. I've been googling all morning but not finding anything really good.


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I ahve found that putting them in writing and sending them a few days ahead of time is helpful, although there is no reqquired way that I'm aware of. If you make a short list of areas of difficulties first, it can help support why you are proposing those specific goals, then have a third category for ideas you'd like the team to discuss and consider in order to accommodate and support the difficult child to meet the goals. At least that's what I've done the past couple of times.


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we just have a 504 yet kinda same meetings, etc. we never have written them down in any specific way. i would make a list of what you are looking for and reasons why, and some behaviors of the child your looking to improve upon and how they'd get better in your opinion with-the addtl. supports.

it's almost like you gotta sell them at some schools. good luck!


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So here is what I listed:
difficult child's Strengths
difficult child's Needs
Parent's Needs (better feedback, etc)

Hopefully it will do. I just wish it wasn't a BATTLE to get what is needed. It shouldn't feel like a fight. It should be a collaborative effort to address the issues. Arrrghh.