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    Hey everybody

    I need some ideas! We now know that we need to get difficult child out of our current environment and onto a TBS. He is on the waiting list and it will be up to 2 months. I am almost positive he has drugs in his backpack at school today and found evidence that he has taken alcohol to school in the past and drank it with other kids.

    Any ideas on how to set up his room and routine so we can do our best to avoid him being able to do this going forward? I will take his backpack today and keep it everyday so he can't store stuff there. I will strip his room, lock the rest of the unused rooms. But short of frisking him everyday, which I may have to do, am I not thinking of another good way? Should I tell school officials?

    Any ideas on how to give this our best shot would be greatly appreciated!
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    Sorry I haven't been in your situation before. Just wanted to send my sympathy. If this were my son I would tell the school. I'd also tell them it'll be just two months before he leaves for the boarding school. Maybe they will have some ideas? Aren't you legally required to tell them?

    Maybe someone else will have better ideas.
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    I recently cut the pockets in my son's pants (he doesn't use drugs but was collecting old cigarette butts...not as serious as your issue but He couldn't have pockets to sneak things in. I have also taken his door knobs off his bedroom and the main two bathrooms. I know people who take doors off of the rooms so there is not privacy until they earn it back.
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    eliminating pockets won't stop them. They will stick it in their socks or underwear or have a friend carry it for them. I do not know what works but being thier policeman doesn't. It only makes you crazy. What would the consequences be if you notified the school? Would it interfere with the boarding school placement? If not I would go to the school tell them what you suspect. If it would change things then maybe bide your time till he gets in to the placement. -RM