How to of the day....make a duck fart

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Are you that bored now that you go looking for bizarre things like this? I sure hope so!!
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    :rofl: You come up with some of the coolest things!!!
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    Boy was I glad to learn this was a drink. We have a lot of cattle ranchers in my area and the methane emissions from cattle are considered an environmental concern by some groups. I couldn't imagine the reactions of these groups to purposely making ducks fart!

    Then I was trying to figure out where to find ducks around here to try this new skill. I could go to the pond on campus but they also have geese and the geese are MEAN and seem to think I am the most fun thing to chase - they have for YEARS. But we do have ducks at a couple of other parks in town.

    Having figured that out, I clicked on the link and learned it was a drink. FAR easier to run to the liquor store and learn to make this than to deal with environmental groups and avoiding the geese who live at the duck pond!!!!! Plus it sure doesn't sound as bad as some of the shots I have tried, esp the ones that mix baileys with citrus juice to make it curdle. I always hated those!