How to punish people who pinch disabled parking spots

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    I love it!

    With both Marg and my Mum entitled to (and needing) parking spots for the disabled; the bane of our lives is people who illegally park in spots reserved for the disabled.

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    I would have loved to have seen the owners face! Wow, that is great!
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    Beats the last lady we sat and watched. She went into the dollar tree. Bought a package of super glue, glued the door locks shut with the glue and then used the extra tube of glue to glue the extra 2 tubes of glue over each of the door locks. She was in a motorized wheel chair. I just hope no one was filming her but something tells me she really didn't care.

    We pondered just how much that will cost the owner of the car to fix. Then quickly left before anyone asked us for information.

    Shrink wrap is much kinder.
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    I have also had times when I was very mad at someone who appeared to be taking a disabled space and didn't have a placard. As the parent of a severely disabled child who used a power wheelchair I could get pretty darned steamed about it.

    But I would prefer to call the parking patrol or police to give them a ticket. Or leave them a note in hopes of guilting them into parking somewhere else. It is dangerous to provoke people these days (if it ever was safe I don't know) and I would not want to find myself at the end of a gun or baseball bat or even being run down by someone who was angry because I was in the middle of some stunt like that.

    I would never choose to disabled their vehicle with packing tape or, heaven forbid, super glue if only because it would guarantee that the parking space was not available any time soon.

    In my experience, just because a person appears able-bodied doesn't actually mean that they are in fact always able-bodied/predictably able-bodied.

    And sometimes the apparently able-bodied person getting in/out of the car is not just doing it for their convenience. There are a thousand possible explanations like they are actually dropping off or picking up a disabled person or just dropped that person off at the front entrance and are parking the car where they can get access when they come back. Around here it is popular to make this assumption when an apparently able-bodied person gets out of the driver's seat, regardless of whether they are displaying a placard or license plate.

    And finally, there have been a few times when we used a car that didn't have disabled plates and forgot to put up the placard. Luckily we never got a ticket - or had our locks superglued by someone who thought they were justified by our lack of a placard.
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    Seriously - I agree. You can't tell. My guess would be to go to those extremes? She must have seen someone - deemed them 100% able bodied and acted on her own worst judgement. Either that or it was her ex husband. She was a large woman, wearing oxygen, had braces on her crutches driving an older van with the windows down on a 110degree day. I'm guessing she wasn't in the best of moods....Like I said we just sat and watched in shock. Shrink wrap MUCH kinder -

    Here in Columbia? You see someone that APPEARS to be healthy NOT have a tag or placard park in a spot? You get your cell phone out, snap a picture and send it to a number and they WILL get $125 fine - IF the tag comes back that the person REGISTERD to that vehicle does NOT have a handicap placard. Which makes me WORRY greatly - because we are a 1 car household, the car is in MY name and DF is constantly forgetting to hang the placard-----and if you leave it hanging - HE can get a fine for leaving it hang. You're supposed to remove it when you are driving so it's not a hazard and they've been cracking down on that. SO ....I just have to pray he remembers it.

    We've had people literally Start to come up behind us and snap our picture and I've had to run back and put the placard in the rear view and run up to them and say - WE HAVE IT.......PLACARD POLICE.......(meah) But I will also remind people they are IN a spot because one day......OMG this is priceless.....I'm in line and hold it up because of coupons.....this biker guy is behind me and NOT happy. So I go outside and put stuff in my suv and look up and I'm in the EXPECTANT MOTHER parking spot......(OMG I could have died) and here comes the biker....and looks at me and just shakes his head like "could have guessed THAT". Wish someone would have said something....I am Soooo not heavy anymore. (gulp)
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    My Mom has used a placard for years. She was one of the 'early adopters' around here - when the whole system came in. Nobody really got the message that these were reserved stalls. So, she had a wad of pre-typed notes in her purse all the time. If she saw a vehicle parked in the handicapped stall without a placard, she put a note under the wiper that said something to the effect of... if you have a placard, please use it because one of these days they will start handing out tickets, and if you need to park here and don't have a placard, here is where you go to get one, and... if you are anyone else, please consider that use of these parking stalls is reserved and the ticket police are going to start enforcing.

    Well... more than once at the grocery store, someone saw her put the note under their windshield, and tracked her down in the store. Now... it was OBVIOUS that Mom needed the placard - never any problems on that front. 9 out of 10 who tracked her down... had come to say either "thanks for the info" or "thanks for reminding me to use my card". Only ONE got mad. I think she had to threaten him with one of her gutter canes before Dad showed up.
    My brother used to work in construction, and always had his nail-belt on (this is back in the days before power nailers!), and if HE saw anyone without a placard parked in those stalls, he'd "accidentally" spill a few nails. They would get far enough to vacate the stall before they knew they had a problem, and never figured out where the nail in the tire came from.

    In reality? ALL of us would do better if we parked as far AWAY from the mall as possible, and used that as an excuse for a stroll. Note: how far away is "possible" depends on whether you are disabled or not, so of course... all the close ones would be available for the new-Moms and the old folks and the rest of us who can't navigate so far.