How was your Labor Day weekend?


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Mine was lazy, with the exception of cooking dinner for family birthday yesterday.

husband was a man made in heaven this weekend! He did laundry all weekend. He cleaned out the garage with youngest difficult child in tow so I didn't have to watch him all the time. He worked on the air conditioner. He was just an all around great husband this weekend! He left me alone and did my chores! LOL

I spent Saturday night baking odd cookie recipes with my friend and her 17 year old daughter. We stayed up until 1 am baking mincemeat cookies, riccotta cheese cookies, garlic chocolate chip cookies and PB cookies. Then Sunday I made pasta salad, asparagus and parmesan chicken for my mothers husbands birthday dinner. Oh, and coconut cream pie. My favorites were the chicken and coconut cream pie. Which is calling my name right now!

What did you do this weekend? Did you enjoy it?


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Mmmm...I think I want to come to your house to eat! Think I'll pass on the garlic chocolate chip cookies, though.

We had a lazy weekend as well. The most fun was a spur of the moment get together with 7 other families from our church for swimming and pizza. Typically we have to plan weeks or even months in advance to find a time that works for everyone so it was cool to see it come together with 3 hours notice.


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I love it when stuff like that works out that way! When we do planned ladies nights, no one comes, but if its spur of the moment, we always have more people.

Ya, the garlic chocolate chip had a bad aftertaste. The base of the cookie was a great chocolate chip cookie recipe though, I'll just skip the garlic next time. It was in a garlic lovers cookbook.


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My weekend was a blur. I don't actually recall Friday... though that may have been the day we went to Barnes & Noble. Or was that Saturday? Yes! Saturday, then we visited with husband's parents afterward. I grocery shopped in the evening. :faint:
Sunday should have been relaxing, but I had altar guild, some planning stuff for Sunday School and a birthday party that came up on Saturday because Duckie's friend's grandmother will have surgery the day the party was originally planned for. Got that? :wink:
Today was hectic as well. Duckie didn't sleep well because I had put her hair in curlers last evening. Why, you ask? Because she was in a Labor day parade for cheer-leading today, of course! :princess: Of course we were running late because my family won't get the lead out unless I'm standing over them cracking a whip. So we arrived 2 minutes late to stand around for 1 hour 15 minutes before the girls actually moved. :crazy:by the way, her hair looked awful... more like dreadlocks than the bouncy curls I was aiming for. :smile:
So we get through the parade (I walk because of her epipen and helped corral a group of girls) and get to the firehall to have lunch... but they are out of chowder. During their annual chowder sale. :hammer: I have a group of girls that various mothers have asked me to keep an eye on since I walked with the squad. They are all quickly collected except one. Even the coach takes off after awhile when she realizes that I know the other girl's family pretty well and I'll keep her safe. So we stand at the very end of the parade, waiting for mom, as Duckie & friend scoop up candy by the handful that the remaining paraders have decided to toss to them because
1. Duckie & friend are really cute, and
2. these folks won't have to lug around candy at the carnival.
Of course the girls have no pockets so they are each claiming various pockets of mine to stash the candy in. Ugh. I'm fat enough that walking around with candy sticking out of my pockets makes me look really pathetic. Sigh. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif So mom spots me in crowd (you got the visual, who could miss me?!?) and Duckie says good-bye to her friend.
So Duckie & I wait in line for the ladies room to change her out of her uniform and me out of the brand new tee shirt in the team colors for our play clothes which I have lugged through town in a backpack. Along with the epipen, my wallet, cell, snacks & 3 bottles of water. And wait. And wait. husband still has not gotten to the firehall as he is enjoying watching the rest of the parade with our friends (including Saturday's birthday girl) when we settle for dry sandwiches, chips & homemade cookies for lunch. But first we go outside to call husband on my cell to find out when he expects to join us. Duckie is hungry, cranky and keeps reaching in my pockets for candy at this point. :nonono: That's when Duckie runs up to friend with her dad & grandma. Apparently mom was behind us in line for the bathroom. This is when grandma points out that my brand new tee shirt (read that as never washed since I haven't had much time for laundry lately) had turned my neckline a new bright kelly green. So there I am, in a crowd, being scrubbed with a baby wipe by this grandma I had only met once before. :smile:
I finally have a clean neck and pull Duckie back into the firehall to get in line to buy lunch, I figure husband is on his own at this point. Duckie, of course, hates the sandwich and starts to throw a fit. Rather than throwing my own fit, I offer to swap. It appeases the beast for awhile. And she was right about the sandwich, it was awful. :thumbsdown:husband & the other family join us to eat. I warn them about the food, but they figure it's no worse than the at the carnival.
So we finally enter the carnival, Duckie sees the fish game and demands to play. I say no as we aren't in a position to properly care for sea-life (does anyone remember the great sea monkey debacle of 2005? :wink:). It is almost 3pm. It has taken us 4 hours to get through the parade, change clothes, & eat lunch. I now have to go work the cheer league's hot dog stand until 6pm. I reiterate about the fish game. Duckie and husband agree it's best for her not to play the game, even if friend's family does because they have a man-made pond and aquarium for the fish to live in. :thumb:
The hot dog stand goes well, the other volunteers are nice and I'm enjoying myself. It's right near the beer tent and the drunks are still friendly. Life is good.
Then my cell rings. It's husband calling about the (you guessed it!) fish game!!! Turns out he allowed Duckie to play with the understanding that if she won she would give the fish to her friend. Why the man attempts to negotiate with a six year difficult child is beyond all human comprehension. :hammer: She, of course, has rescinded her part of the deal now that she has cute 'lil Skippy :smile:in her hot little hands. As a matter of fact, she is having a meltdown of historic proportions and he wanted me to leave the stand to go help him pull her together. Ha! He could sleep in that bed!!! I told him that I didn't care what he did with that fish as long as two criteria were met:
1. no harm can come to the fish
2. It was to never cross onto our property line.
Jeez, grow a spine, man! :hammer:
So I finally finish my volunteer stint and head for the road where husband and I were to meet up. I get in the car and asking Duckie how her afternoon was and she says "I was little sad about giving Skippy away, but Daddy said you would feed him to the cats if I brought him home." :devil:
Why must I always be the bad guy? Let just say that made for an interesting ride home...
Anyway, it was more of the same when we got home. The audio on our satellite receiver in the bedroom went out. We thought it was the tv, and husband actually lugged a very big & heavy tv upstairs from the basement before we realized the one in our room worked just fine.
You know what they say about paybacks... :rofl:
So anyway, that was my weekend! :salute:


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Don't ya just love people with no spines? I do like the feeding to the cat line, but he should have said he would do this, not you. Jellyfish I tell ya! :rofl:

What was on the sandwich that made it so awful? :ill:

Sounds like an interesting weekend! I grocery shopped on Saturday too, 3 different stores and I still forgot a bunch. Oh well! My kids can live without hawaiian punch for a few weeks! :rolleyes:


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White bread, cooked ham, swiss cheese. No mayo, no mustard. Nothing. Very dry, not the best quality ingredients either. Although, is there truly such a thing as high quality white bread? I remember hearing once that there was more nutritional value in a roll of Scot tissue. Blech!


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LOL @ Scot tissue. I'm not a fan of a dry sandwich either. A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the tangy zest of Miracle Whip. :smile:


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TM, be grateful that it was not a week night for the parade. We used to do ours on a Weds night!
:smile: Try getting your child to leave a carnival at 9:00 at night with all those lights and all the sugar they have ingested. Not pretty. The most fun though was trying to get back to my car at the beginning of the parade (I marched, too, since I was director). THEN once you managed to get the difficult child home - try putting them to bed! YIKES!

Here is my weekend and I tell you all so you will be jealous beyond words!! LOL!

Saturday I went to a local art show that had the largest collection of Ansel Adams pictures every shown. boyfriend had never been there before so after viewing the pictures we toured the rest of the house which is actually a mansion.
We left there and went to a nearby lake to a 'famous for their prime rib' restaurant for boyfriend's birthday. We had clam casino, bread, prime rib, baked potato, and a bottle of cabarnet sauvignon (sp)!

Sunday was my great aunt's 90th birthday party. They went all out. It was like a wedding reception. A 12ft table with cheese, crackers, fruits, and bread with oil dip (Italian family). OPEN BAR. Once seated they delivered each person a dish of shrimp cocktail and a salad. Each table had a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine on it. The buffet line had a summer vegetable medley, broccoli and peppers, stuffed baked haddock, chicken french, artichoke french, baked zitti, and PRIME RIB! Then birthday cake and a tray of Italian cookies.

Monday I made boyfriend blueberry waffles for breakfast. Then BFs family has his birthday picnic. Hamburgs, hots, salt potatos, salad, deviled eggs, and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.

I only gained a half a pound - which totally and completely shocked me this morning.

I know I talked about the food only - but that is what it felt like, a weekend of eating!

by the way - difficult child was with her dad - which made it a perfect weekend!!! LOL! JK!



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I need to get a life - I remember 3 day weekends being fun and relaxing.

I decided, in the middle of an all time heat wave (the past week being oh, like 112 degrees outside everyday) and me with NO air conditioning, to remove the wallpaper in my bedroom. I have no clue as to why I thought it was a good idea.



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Wendy, I'd say I'm green with envy, but I think I've been green enough lately.
Marcie- Yikes! Did you steam it off or scrape?


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Oh, removing wallpaper is so much fun! NOT! What on earth were you thinking?

Busy, I'm jealous, I love food, especially Italian food. I would have gained 10 lbs on a weekend like yours and I would have LOVED every second of it!
Our little burb had a three day book festival and I volunteered at a couple of sessions. One of the sessions with two Pulitzer prize poets was packed, standing room only! We had to turn folks away..that was just so cool that so many folks wanted to see and hear the poets read their latest. Another session was with a South African author who read from his latest book with his lilting accent - such fun. Lots of aspiring authors purchased tents on the courthouse square to hawk their books , it was interesting meeting and greeting with people who are so willing to put their stories out there for all the world to see.

easy child and his lovely girlfriend visited as well. They are just so much fun to be around. girlfriend's family lives in New Orleans and she loves to talk about their extended family and life there. She is deeply a part of that culture but is realistic about the future of the city and is making good, realistic plans for her own future. She is definitely a keeper and a wonderful influence on easy child.

difficult child enjoys these visits in his own way. He even said more than a few words to easy child and his girlfriend. I can tell that he likes her a lot... difficult child and husband are building a new server together and they are having great fun with this project. Sometimes it is scary to see them with their heads together over their latest project - they almost seem like they are the same person.

All in all, an excellent break from the back to school routine.


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That sounds like a really nice weekend 1 Day. My family is from LA too, they raise 'em sweet there. I hope I like my boys GFs that much one day.


I am trying hard not to fall off my chair. I yelled into my husband just a few minutes ago to tell him someone was talking about him. I read him your post TM. He giggled (and I do mean giggled and said isn't that what we are supposed to do).

My weekend started with Saturday being my birthday. I got up went to work then came home. Not too much went on. easy child went to a friends and husband brught me two carnations and a cat in the hat b-day card. Then I took him to work.

I went out with a couple of friends for dinner as my friend has her b-day on the 26th of Aug. and it was the first chance we had to do anything. I got home at 7 because easy child wanted a ride to skating thing. She wasn't home yet so I called her. She said she would be home in a few minutes. So I came in the house and listened to a podcast and played on the computer. An hour later she arrives with friend and friends siblings saying okay we are ready. I refrained from meltdown and calmly said that it was nice of her to let me know I was going to have to wait so long since I was actually out with friends on my birthday and ct things short to chauffer her and her friends around. Point was accomplished.

Went to bowling center (this is where husband and I work). Was wished a bunch of happy b-days. One of the guys that works there also said he wanted another of my cheesecakes. Told him I needed money to do that. So now I have sold my second one. I said spread the word if you like them so much. He said not a problem. (This could be interesting). Gave him the price for plain and the price for special ones.

Then I went and picked up girls at skating rink. Was asked if easy child could stay at friends. I said fine and dropped everyone off at friends.

Sunday I went to work. Then when I came home husband and I decided we would go out of town to see a movie that refuses to come to our theater (no reservations).

We called easy child and let her know we were leaving. We headed out of town and I got a call that I needed to help someone.(I volunteer with Red Cross) We stopped there on the way out of town.

husband and I stopped at a nice local diner in the town with the theater and head a great lunch. Went to the movie and enjoyed it. We then went to an antique mall. We decided since we were out of town that we would go see difficult child 2. Went and visited for a while.

When we got home asked easy child if she wanted to play a game or anything. She wanted to go to a movie. I said not then.

So Monday she and I went to see the Nanny Diaries (She paid for the movie and I paid for snacks which was interesting).

Came home. husband and I went to store and rented some more movies. I made a homemade soup last night and the three of us watched on of the rentals until bedtime.

Whew sorry so long but was a long and full weekend.


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What a nice birthday weekend! It was so busy, but sounds like it was full of spending time with people you enjoy. That sounds like a perfect birthday weekend to me! Happy belated birthday!

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We had a very nice Labor Day weekend. The kids actually got along the entire weekend :faint:

Saturday night we went to dinner with-husband's sister-yummmm. Sunday was just a day around the house.

Labor Day itself was busy but nice. In the morning we went to the health club. Then I mowed the lawn.

easy child and I went to the local pool with-our dog! It was a fundraiser for a local k9 unit for the police department. It is the first time we ever took her swimming-what a hoot-she refused to go in the deep water though. At one point when easy child was watching her she got out (for some reason the gate wasn't closed) She had to chase her to an intersection and was very upset. I was proud of her for speaking up to the people about leaving the gate open.

Then both of husband's sisters were in town along with-my niece and her three kids. My great nephew who had the bone marrow transplant in June came-they had gotten him out on a pass from the Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis. We had a nice cookout.

Then after everyone left I made lunches for today and also cooked a casserole so it would only have to be heated.

All in all, a very nice weekend.


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Thats sounds like a very pleasant weekend. Isn't it great when the kids get along? I'm glad you got to visit with husband's family. I usually love family get togethers, just depending on what part of the family is attending. LOL Glad you had a good weekend!