How We Got to Now: Dreamers and Rebels and Difficult Children?

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    I am reviewing a book I haven't read yet. So, since I am the person who needs to present, I found online sites to familiarize myself with the book (which has not yet arrived) and develop questions for discussion. As I listened to the following material (especially the piece on Time) I thought about our Difficult Children.

    And I thought about efficiency, and about creativity, and wondered just how efficient we are these days, when we try to fit every child into the same developmental and even, outcome based, time frame.


    I did, so very much.

    Each of the segments, there are six, are five minutes long.

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    Book title and author please?
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    Oh, sorry, IC.

    How We Got to Now, by Steven Johnson

    Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, by Michael Pollan

    The second book is also incredible. It has to do with evolution, and microbes and fermentation and fire, and with what it is to be human.

    So, I thought I would list that one here for you, too.



    P.S. Cannot recommend either book highly enough.