How's everyone doing?

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    I don't know how much I weigh, but my pants are loose. I feel good anyway. I have been boxing 4 times this week, but school is starting on Tuesday and I hope I can keep up with it.-Alyssa
    I'm still running a 5k each day also. I guess I'm nervous about how to fit everything into my schedule. How about everyone else?
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  2. Wiped Out

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    Good for you! I love when the pants start feeling loose. Way To Go on the boxing and the running-you are an exercise dynamo!:)

    I'm doing o.k. I did gain a pound this week which isn't good but I was bad on the eating end of things-should get back on track after today (I made pesto-yummy but lots of calories).

    I'm still trying to plan my workouts once I'm back to teaching(now that easy child has cheer practice so late)-it's going to be a struggle but eventually I'll figure it out.
  3. Marguerite

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    I'm currently unable to exercise again - it feels like arthritis but all the tests say my joints, although not good, aren't so badly arthritic as this.

    I walk when I can, but at the moment it's very painful. Even sitting is painful. husband reckons I've lost so much weight I've lost the padding I'm used to. OK, I'm happy to have lost the weight, don't get me wrong. It's better for my health to sit on a cushion, than to carry the extra lard.

    I've almost finished six months of my diet pills (Reductil). I see the GP tomorrow about possibly increasing the dosage, or at least getting another repeat.

    I checked my weight again this morning - I've definitely lost 20 Kg, for sure, since I began this six months ago. According to my BMI I've gone from obese to overweight. I'd like to lose more weight but it's coming off VERY slowly now. Despite still being classified as overweight, I'm actually looking fairly average, certainly not chubby any more. My face is thinner, people I haven't seen for three months are coming up to me with looks of amazement - I'd have to be brain-dead to not feel flattered by all this attention. On the down side, I AM noticing saggy skin where I hoped I would still have a few years' grace. But I AM over 50, I can't complain.

    I've noticed that people treat me differently. Shopkeepers don't condescend. I get more eye contact. I don't feel like I'm being talked down to any more. I'm not being ignored as much. And I hadn't realised any of this was happening!

    My GP is keeping tabs on three things - blood pressure (high BiPolar (BP) is a possible side-effect of these diet pills); my pain levels and neurological problems; and my liver, which was the main reason for the diet in the first place. We're walking a tightrope with all these things.

    One REALLY good thing - now that easy child has finally announced her engagement (8-8-08 at 8 minutes past 8 pm) and set a date, we have THREE weddings in less than 12 months. difficult child 1's is in November, it will be a fairly relaxed and informal wedding. The next two - I'd like to be a glamorous mother of the bride!

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    Up, thanks for starting an update!

    I've not been to WW in a couple weeks, but I'm still exercising - but I am eating a little more. I start WW Core tomorrow with easy child. I've been thinking about it and I think that switching it up a little might be good. easy child and I went to the grocers on Sat with core on the brain. She likes the idea of not having to write anything down and the fact that she can earn extra food points by doing rigorous exercise.

    I've got my work out routine planned for the school year. I'll do the water fitness classes on M, W and F at 9:30, then on Sat at 10 and I'll do the finning class at 6:30 on Tues after attending my WW meeting. Having a plan in place is good!!

    While I've been exercising a lot this summer, as I said above I have been eating a little more. I think I've only lost about 5-7 pounds this summer. It's time to kick it back up in high gear. I'm pretty close to making a financial commitment for spring break......I'm about 98% sure I'm going to suprise the kids and book a cruise. I'm thinking about giving it to them for Christmas and then taking them on the 5-day cruise during spring break. It's great incentive to keep working on the weight loss, and this is the last time my kids will have the same spring break! I wanted it to be special! It's down to the choice between two cruise lines with different itiniaries..........

    Up, nothing like the loose feeling in your pants!!!!! You are doing great on the exercise! I think it's about sitting down and making a schedule and sticking to it. That's what I did last week.

    Sharon, a pound up is a manageable's when the 5 turns to 10 and so on......... I know that working out is going to be tough during the school year for you. It's a good thing though that you are off a couple hours earlier than most because it does give you a few more options. I don't think before school can work because of the travel time right? Good luck working out the new gym schedule.

    Marg, I think you've been going really great with the weight loss and you are working with what you can do. We all have limitations of some type in our lives and it's about doing what we can when we can. I know you doctor will be very pleased with the weight loss and I am curious to see where the liver levels are now. Never travel without your cushion!!!!!

  5. TerryJ2

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    Alyssa, Way To Go! I love that feeling. :)

    Sorry about the slight wt gain, Sharon, but you sound okay overall. :) Is there a gym at the school where you teach so you could go b4 or after school? Just a thought.

    Marg, great about the wt loss. Interesting about the eye contact and condescension. And wow! 3 weddings in 1 yr!!!

    Sharon, your fall plan sounds great!

    I have no plans at the moment. I pulled my quad muscle. It's very high up, where the top of the leg, the soft part, meets the stomach. Aiyayaaiyaaaaiii! That's what I get for walking with-a friend who was a former Army Ranger/Paratrooper. I figured since he was recovering from a knee injury and had to lose a lot of wt (he's probably 300 lb) we'd be evenly matched, since I'm a wuss. I hadn't banked on how committed and intense he can be.
    He's up to 7 mi.
    I'm at home with-an iontophoresis patch and ice. :(

    I DO plan to use my very old gym passes this fall, and continue walking.
    In fact, when I visit my dad at his retirement home next wk in MN, I'm going to ask permission to work out in their gym.
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    bad bad bad bad, I am stress eating out the wing wang!

    I know I've gained what I lost back, I am afraid to look, but I will go to WW's on Wed. and start anew!

    One of the bunnies at work (bunnie = salad eater, weighs 90 pounds, says she's fat) has announced she's 3 months pregnant, which of course her stomach is flat as a board! Ugh, I never was that thin, I have to readjust my thinking, of my actual goal, I will never be a bunnie
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey AOG, I'll never be, nor have I ever been a "bunny"!! Nor do I really have any intention of being one. I have always been, or at least I was before the fat took over, full figured and curvy. I never had an issue with the curves. I am really realistic when it comes to my ultimate goal. I'm not going to be close to where WW says my goal weight should be. I know where I am healthy and happy and that will have to do!

    I'm back at WW this week too - tonight as a matter of fact. We can do it girl!!

  8. busywend

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    I go to WW tonight. I think I did OK this week. I did however enjoy a nice dinner out with boyfriend at a BBQ Rib place - YUM!

    I will update later!
  9. Marguerite

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    Girls - remember that even Marilyn Monroe was a curvy girl. I'm told her measurements correspond to an Aussie size 14, sometimes a 16. And I'm currently a 16 on top, 14 on the bottom half.

    And Jayne Mansfield was even bigger - all over! So was Jane Russell. Mae West! And for the British, remember Diana Dors... she was still sexy when absolutely huge.

    We could go through a list of the most desirable women of the last 100 years and you wouldn't find very many ultra-skinny models on that list. Sophia Loren, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira, and many others.

    Just think - how many skinny girls have you ever seen, modelling "Victoria's Secret"?

  10. trinityroyal

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    Marg, that's an excellent point.
    Even the modelling industry is starting to wake up to the fact.

    A Canadian fashion company recently cancelled its latest catalogue. The girls in all the photos were deemed to be "more bone than flesh", and so they are reshooting the whole thing with girls who have more realistic figures. The CEO even made a public apology for presenting an unhealthy body image.

    This is about being the best possible you. Not trying to fit into someone else's cardboard cutout. Curves are good!
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    Amaze, just give bunny girl 5 more wks. :)

    I love salads, too. Covered with-M&Ms. I'm a very bad bunny girl.

    My leg still hurts. I'm trying not to look in the mirror. :(