HR wants to talk to husband further about SH issue...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    He's working from home today so they're calling him in about 2 hours to discuss the situation status (they've been interviewing people this week and part of last to see if there is anything to substantiate the ex-employee's claims, even though it's clear he's just doing this to work out some kind of severance package :grrr: ), plus they want to meet with him further tomorrow when he's back in the office. My anxiety just got cranked up a few notches and I feel this rush of nervous adrenaline... I sure hope this blows over...
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    Thinking of you guys.
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    Sending positive juju. Breathe.
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    Gcv, because of the nature of the employee's report, even though it is hooey the employer has to go through all of the official steps in the proper order. It will be better for your husband in the end, because then the ex-employee cannot claim abuse of process, or that the policies were not followed, etc. Very hard while you're living through it, but better for your husband in the long run.

    Sending good juju your way.

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    I agree- try to get husband to just enjoy the ability to work from home for a while and not stress over it.
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    Thinking of you...
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    So HR finally called 30 min after the 1-hour window they initially gave him.

    The two points they asked him about involved making a comment to the effect of his wife not wanting to have sex with him anymore (something husband often whines about to me when he's depressed and feeling neglected -- so it's not a stretch that he would have said this in a conversation with someone, though I doubt he would have announced it to all within earshot, and no it's really not appropriate conversation for the workplace, but given his impulse control issues, I can see it happening).

    The other comment had to do with him making an observation that when people move to a foreign country, they very often settle down where there are other people from their country living, and he has voiced opinion in the past that he thinks this prevents immigrants from learning English and in his opinion, immigrants need to learn English if they're going to live in the U.S. I don't know the ethnicity of the ex-employee, but apparently he took these comments as contributing to a hostile work environment.

    Personally, I think the ex-employee is grasping at straws. I think husband has problems knowing when to shut up but I don't think he has ever said ANYTHING to ANYONE with malicious intent and it would be out of character for him to do anything like that.

    We'll see where it goes from here.
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    That doesn't sound like harrassment to me- certainly not sexual harrassment. We do have freedom of speech in our country.
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    The sticky part about SH is that it doesn't matter what you say, but how it's interpreted by the other person. That said, the offended person has to speak up. However, if it can be proved that they felt their job would be in jeopardy or they would be retaliated against if they spoke out, then that's proof of a hostile work environment coupled with SH. I could be wrong. I still think this is a huge stretch and am hoping that if anything comes out of it, it's that husband gets sent to SOCIAL SKILLS classes! :hammer:
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    I just can't imagine. What you're describing isn't 1/10 what my boss has said to me and 3 feet away from me. And I wouldn't stand a chance of winning a case against him- and we are gov employees.
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    Yes, well unfortunately I live in one of the top ten most litigious states in the union.
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    Amen. I was actually groped by my supervisors and they made me show them my bra and panties and pull the crotch out of my pants so they could see that there were no holes at that were particular site then stand up and let them inspect every square inch of my clothing for holes. All while they informed me that they hated to do this to me but some people had complained that I came to work that day in clothes with holes in them and without undergarments. They also made comments that maybe I should consider that even though it said that knit pants were allowed in the dress code, they may not be the most flattering for my figure.

    I said when I got a raise so I could afford better clothes I would buy more expensive clothes but right now, knit pants were what I could afford.

    Besides, that day I was wearing a Pink pullover sweater and dark blue navy knit pants. I had got to work at 7 am with the janitors before anyone else was even there and never left my office until I was called into my supervisors office. No one could have seen me that day.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well thank goodness THAT'S over!

    husband had a meeting with HR yesterday for about an hour. He had a phone meeting the day before as well, and apparently he was able to sufficiently explain any comments he'd made so that the company could not find any support for the accusations that were made against him (and them). He was cautioned to be more careful about what he says and to whom. And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled life! :bigsmile:
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    So glad to hear that everything has been resolved. Whew!
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    good news
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