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    I am considering particiapting in a research study regarding an investigation medication currently being used in the UK. It is bazedoxifene acetate/conjugated estrogens (BZA/CE) for the treatment of menopause.

    I went through an early menopause. I'm 47 and have only had one period in 2.5 years. I actually feel pretty good now that I am on the other side of it but I have small bones (osteo risk) and frankly don't care if I ever have *it* again. This isn't fair to husband and we're working on our marriage and intimacy and this could help.

    Back to the study. I will receive thousands of dollars worth of testing for free (blood work, exams, mamaograms, ultrasounds, bone density, etc.). I need to have all this done anyway and I need to try something for my M. I can discontinue the study any time.

    I'm a little worried about weight gain and also there is a painful procedure called an endometrial biopsy that I'd have to endure.

    Any thoughts?

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    I would really like to know what you guys think about this.
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    Generally speaking about participating in a study, I think it's a good thing. As you said, free tests, they monitor things very closely and you can stop anytime.

    As for the specifics...I guess you have to decide if the study is worth the procedure. I wouldn't be keen on that part of it either but if it would help the other stuff I think I would do it. (Do they put you out for it? If not, ask for a sedative or something) You can talk to the doctor about the weight gain and see what options you have. It may not even be a factor for you or it could be minimal. Of course, that kind of thing could happen with all sorts of medications.

    I participated in a comparison study some years back. They were comparing the standard medication and a new one to see which worked better/faster and/or what the differences were for treatment of endometriosis. I can't think of the name of the new one but the standard drug was Lupron. The drug put me into a temporary, drug induced menopause, my brain shrank and I was a challenge to live with for some months but it was SOOOO worth it. By the time I started the study, I was in some major pain for about 3 days each month. Granted, others have that pain more or constantly so I was lucky in that sense but it still hoovered. After I started the drug, I didn't have a period for about 10 months and the first one was only a partial. Once they started normally again, I still had cramping and some pain but it was NOTHING like what I had before. I would have to take prescription pain killers before the treatment. After, Tylenol covered it. As I said, that was YEARS ago (I'd say about 8 ish) and until just recently, still got by with only the Tylenol.

    As for the study itself, the first month was kind of a PITA. I had to go in weekly, get vitals checked, blood drawn and the occasional exam. After that, it was once a month for the shot, blood draw and vitals check. I also had a bone density test before and after to check for loss (there was some but I was still considered in the normal range after the loss) and I'm thinking there was some other kind of test in there but I've forgotten.

    In my experience, there were no invasive procedures although I had had a laproscopy done to diagnosis the endo before I was referred to the study. With the menopause, it definately wasn't pleasant but it was most definately worth it to me.

    If you know all of the info on the study, know the risks, trust the doctor involved and think it will be worth it to you, I say go for it.
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    It's a tough decision because I'm a pain wimp. Not sure I'd be willing to do the endometrial biopsy. How long has the medication been used in the UK? That would probably make a difference to me as well.

    With that being said, I've been on hrt for almost 25 years and have often wondered if there is something safer or better out there than what I take (Prempro).

    Whatever you decide we will support you!