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    I have a HS transistion IEP meeting coming up March 30th. I've never had to do this one before as oldest difficult child didn't need an IEP by then. So my question is what should I be looking for, be sure of, etc?

    What I do know is that we are going to seek transfer to the local HS (we are zoned for one-further away from where we live and is on the no child left behind list #1 and #2 doesn't offer a technical track) and I've been told that since they are on the no child left behind and that we can justify that there is a "need" beside which for mental health reasons to move her that there is almost a 100% chance they will allow it. She will be seeking to do votech schooling through out HS as we know there is little chance of her being able to go through college (though you never know in years to come a miracle could happen in her learning ability).

    Any advice is welcome please! :)
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    Goals are going to be absolutely critical.
    They have to be worded in such a way that there IS only one HS that works... the one you want.
    (we did that, although we weren't being pushed-back on for seeking it... but it really helps if you get push-back).

    Goals like... employment readiness, career transitioning, etc.
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    Thanks Insane. I will be on the look out for them and hope they have them. I have her worker coming with me and I'm hoping she has been part of one of these before as well. I have yet to ask her, I will do that this week when she comes.
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    Where we live transition starts at age 14. This part of the IEP is the main reason I have fought to not have Q in our district program because they are basically offering nothing that matches what he needs in his IEP for future independence and ability to work in the community if he will be able to. I hope it goes well, I think it can be a really neglected part of the IEP and people do a fluff job if we are not on top of it.
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    Thanks for the links Buddy. Those are my reading material next now. I really need to go prepared. I talked to her worker today and she hasn't sat in on a transition IEP so it's going to be up to me. :sigh: