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    husband saw the doctor last week and got all the blood draws, UAs, etc. The results came in the mail today and he glibbed over them with me and said "I need more Vitamin D, he says I need 5,000 mg a day." No biggie, I'll just add another to the pill sorter each day. As he's walking out the door he says, "He says my thyroid is low, too."

    So, eventually I get the paperwork and look at it and it says that the doctor needs a pharmacy for us so he can call in an RX. husband's TSH level is 4.763. No wonder he's a slug!

    I called the Dr. and gave them a pharmacy to call, and we'll pick it up and get it going ASAP. Dr. will recheck in 6 - 8 weeks. husband was just going to blow it off. Now, I know that his maternal grandparents lived well into their 90's, but his father died in his early 60's. Of course, dad blew out of town when he was 4, so I'm sure it means nothing to him. He's nearly 53 and he thinks he's still a kid.

    Is anyone being treated for this, and what can we expect? I know that he is to watch out for chills and for changes in BM and hair loss - he's already near bald - and moodiness. I want to know the good stuff from you guys. He's going to be a PITA about taking this medication. Give me some good news so I can play it up?
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    Second hand... but I have several friends and relatives with this... and not one of them will give up their medications. It makes a TOTAL diff to their quality of life.
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    Well I have one EXTREME example. My maternal grandmother lived to 87. She passed in her sleep with her heart simply stopping. Other than some blood pressure issues and normal age related stuff, her one major medical thing was her thyroid. She did take a long time to get docs to figure out her thyroid issues. For some reason her levels never matched the reality of what was going on with her, and she became very ill for a long time before some doctor figured out the weird testing issues with her and saw clearly her thyroid was so low it was near to not functioning. Anyhow, she received treatment (I forget details, it was a long time ago) and she thrived and didn't have lingering problems at all so long as she kept up the medical regime. It is manageable when one follows doctors orders. And since your husband doesn't sound at the point my grandma was, he should be able to get this fixed up with the docs input. Thats a plus for your husband.
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    I have hypothyroidism and for me I have never noticed it. That may be because I also have Addison's so I have always been monitored and they caught it through a blood test before I even had any symptoms.
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    I have hypothyroid. I take synthroid everyday and its just a tiny little pill. Smaller than a baby aspirin. My skin was extremely dry but its not as bad now. Still thin though.
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    Wow! Good catch! Can't believe your husband just blew it off.
    Let us know how he does on the medications.