hubby is as useless as ***** on a bull

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    poor baby he worked today when he shouldnt of but he said he had no choice ( i call bull) so he didnt sleep ( he works @ the airport overnights) & now hes tired . the house is up to your neck & of course he has to sleep .
    now on sat when i wirk more than i sleep on friday he will take off or sleep most of the day away . C has her bedtimes @ 8:30 its that now what is happening already is shes crying because she doesnt want to go to bed whats hubby doing hes trying to plea bargan with her to stop her from crying . its going to be a long night i can see it . ( she just threw her pillow out & of course hes just lying there as shes in bed whining so guess who has to be the bad parent again tonight .
    i just want to scream @ him to hellp me but its no good .
    sorry to vent but its either this or scream
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    This is the reason I took over the parenting responsibilities. I wasn't thrilled to do it. But it was the only way for the kids to have consistent parenting. husband served as to the backup to whatever I said. Mom was the bottom line. Which meant I carried the full load.

    Considering the alternative.....It turned out well. There was less chaos in the house because the kids weren't subjected to his whims in parenting (which depended on his moods) and I had back up when I needed it, which was rare.

    Only downfall I've seen to it is that the kids have an active relationship with me, and basically none at all with their dad. But that's his fault, not mine.

    Vent all you need to, often it's what keeps us sane.

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    Star* call 911

    Okay.....before I comment - WHAT is your avatar??? (sorry it's just my curious nosey brain)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911 Is very OKAY to scream. lol...... If I saw stars on a bull I would scream too. :tongue: Probably scream "HEY.....look at that star bull." no....wait....."HEY look at that bull Star." no.....lemme ......"Hey look at the stars on that bull Star." yeah........that's it. :laugh:

    Starry bull......
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    I understand. Miss KT's father is referred to as Useless Boy around here. His uselessness far exceeded the simple parenting tasks, however. His continued uselessness is the main reason I divorced him.

    Hugs and strength to you.

    Is your avatar a pile of cotton candy...or a Jello brain?
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    lol the avatar id G 's birthday cake although she hated my guts & was never coming home again she wanted a pig for her b day cake & of course i spent 2 hours making it.

    its raining here today just watch hen he comes home from work he will say how tired he is & complain ( im trying not to swear & use bad language ) that im going to ask him to bring the children to school . D goes to school @ the top of the hill we live on & S&C go to one about 5 minutes in the other direction . just watch he will complin about it . then he will make up some bull excuse this evening when i get off work as to why he didnt do anything here today.
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    There must be something in the air, or it's the way the planets are aligning because this seems to be a common problem between my friends and my husband.

    My husband thinks I'm the wicked witch of the west if I stress because the bills due equal more than the money coming in...but it's okay for him to freak out about it. Just not me...the one who pays all the bills.

    My good friends husband hasn't worked a full week this year... refuses to do anything around the house while he's off because the children aren't doing anything so why should he?.... and even though he's not working, he wants to know why there is no play money for him.

    You aren't alone....vent all you want. Believe me, we understand and relate.
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    Hearing you and sending hugs. I think our boat is full.

    PS - the phrase we use here is teats on a boar hog. I had to think a bit to fill in your stars on a made me smile. :smile:
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    OH HOW ADORABLE!!!!! A PIGGY CAKE!!!! (((((SNORT)))) - 2 hooves up! I love pigs....used to own a boar hog. William G. Davidson, Equire. Some day I shall write about Willie the Wino. I miss our hog. Everyone does. Your cake is very nice. Good job!!!!

    Just a thought.......before you get so far into boarhog world because I've been there, divorced Satan and moved on to greener pastures and much nicer man.....but have you considered going to Family counseling so that EVERYONE can air their greviances? If Hogman says "ME? Counseling? NO WAY I don't need it." Then May I suggest....YOU go alone. The reason I say this is two fold and I'm living proof in two scenarios....
    1st marriage - I asked, begged him to go - he said "I don't need it." he also didn't want me to go so I snuck and went. I kept going for 15 years. Wow did I learn a bundle. I'm almost right in the head. :tongue: Key word - almost. But....I do have a fantastic relationship with my DF (dear fiance)

    2nd relationship - I asked, didn't beg - but kept going on my own. At first he said "I don't need it." So I said 'Well I'm going anyway, but keep in mind - nothing is perfect. I just thought I'd learn how we could get along better, but if that's not of any interest to you? Stay home. I'm sure I'll learn something on my own about dealing with that too." Two weeks later? On his own he was dressed and ready to go. Three years running - he never missed an appointment - 2 nights a week - once for us - once for my son. Then he got to where he liked it because living with a difficult child is rough and you NEED a non-interested party to a.) blow off steam to and b.) have a professional tell you HOW to live with your own kid and be smarter & one step ahead to stop problems before they start. difficult child's don't come with an instruction manual. They need to be parented differently than any other chlid and you can use ALL the help you can get. Our divorce rate is EXTREMELY thinking ahead? Counseling wasn't such a bad thing after all. We used it for our date night -

    Just a thought so that you could sit in a room - and tell old boarhog - how you feel and then he could say how he feels and then a neutral party could come up with a solution for you both to work on all week....instead of you feeling bad and him doing nothing. Or you yelling at him and him still doing nothing...or you harboring resentment and expressing it inappropriately and him yelling back and the kids thinking NOW IS OUR CHANCE...let's act out. -----Just thinking out loud. Everyone has a side.

    Drat -----now I want pink frosting. Arrrrrrrgh.