Hubby's new doctor is questioning his diagnosis

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. KTMom91

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    Hubby's doctor recently retired, and Hubby decided to just stay within the practice, and keep the doctor that took over. He went in last week for a refill of his Ritalin, and Hubby, in true ADD fashion, just now told me that the doctor is questioning the diagnosis, and doctor wants him to "take a test" to prove he has ADD.

    Hubby has no idea what kind of "test" the doctor wants him to take. I did a behavioral assessment on Miss KT, but Hubby took an online assessment, plus drove me nuts during a seminar on ADHD poking me in the arm and muttering, "I did that. That sounds like what I used to do. I did that, too!" After that, I sent him in. doctor started him on Strattera, over my objections, because Hubby was previously diagnosis'd Unipolar Depressive, and he was an absolute mess for about three weeks, even after I ramped up the dosage to correspond with his weight. I'd made up a spreadsheet, of dosages and behaviors, and when he went back in, I went with him, gave the doctor the info, and told him I wanted Hubby on Ritalin. Things have been fine ever since.

    Since this new doctor took over the practice, he should already have all this info, right? I don't see the point in putting Hubby through any additional medication trials when Ritalin works for him, and I wonder too what kind of a "test" the doctor wants to do. If Hubby has to go off the Ritalin, right now, while he's job hunting...well, that just has disaster written all over it.
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    Wow. Just wow. The doctor does not trust what the previous doctor said, apparently. And from what I understand, "tests" for ADD aren't at all standardized. I actually looked at one, and I fit the profile to a tee. (But you give me Ritalin, and I'll be bouncing off the walls...)

    Hugs, sweetheart - and I hope hope HOPE this doctor does not take him off!!!!! Not if it works!
  3. HaoZi

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    I guess whacking the new doctor on the head with the file and telling him to stick with what's working isn't an option?
  4. gcvmom

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    What a load of hooey. You should ask the doctor if the office required him to take another medical license test to prove he really passed it before. :hammer:
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    I suspect that the doctor is concerned about amphetamine abuse and is trying to cover his behind or doesn't believe in adult ADHD. Why does it have to be so hard???
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    Ugh! I really hate that every time there is a change in doctor/therapist it's like starting all over again.

    Hey (said sarcastically because I just cannot believe he'd have to be re-tested!) maybe the new doctor can have you start with a behavior chart for husband ? You can keep track of how well he completes a "Honey-Do" list every week. Then if the reward system doesn't cure the problems...the new doctor can start a trial of medications to see if something might help.
  7. PatriotsGirl

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    Daisy - that just totally cracked me up! I hate when doctors try to mess with what is working.
    We are having the same issue here. Our doctor sent us a letter saying he would no longer treat us because I refused to pay for the doctor's appointment where he blew off my daughter when she was riddled with infections. How horrible of me, huh? Anyhow, now we are shopping for doctors and the first one we went to wanted to run the kids through all sorts of testing and such before he would write a renewal prescription for Adderall. I cannot risk my son running out and I have two weeks worth left. The difference is from A's to D's and F's. Literally. So, I am off to another doctor on Tuesday morning and plan on bringing his history, prescription bottle and report cards to show them the difference!
  8. susiestar

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    I hate it when docs want to reinvent a wheel that works just fine!!! It would be one thing if the wheel didn't work or was squeaky, but this is nuts.

    Do a parent report for your husband, complete with info about symptoms, medications tried, improvement on ritalin, etc.... Maybe it will help? The link in my sig will take you to it.
  9. DammitJanet

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    The test may be the computerized test that I took when I had my neuropsychologist testing. I think that is a computerized ADD test. From what I remember you are supposed to click something to do something. I cant even remember..lmao.

    You know what was really bad back then? I wanted so bad to do really well on all those tests that if I was trying to fake my way into not doing well, I couldnt have done so for the world. I was too "ill" from having the meningitis to actually be manipulative but the neuropsychologist actually accused me of trying to be manipulative! She saw me at a bassakwards time.