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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Ephchap, Apr 12, 2010.

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    I happen to know this boy's dad. He and I talked when he first found out his son was inhaling gasoline. He's gotten help, and as part of his recovery, is speaking out about it.

    Hopefully it will be a wake up call to parents of children - as young as 12 years old ! Don't discount what your gut is telling you.

    This boy was interviewed by Good Morning America. There is a short written blurb on the site, but you can also click on the interview. It's very moving. My hope and prayers go out to this young man, that he can and will stay on the right path.

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    Huffing is terribly dangerous. One upside to the new push for green cleaning is that we hopefully will have fewer "huffable" cleaners around.

    This is something to talk with our kids about from elementary school age up to adulthood.

    Maybe this should be posted on General as well as here? To alert parents who may not come over here because they don't realize their child could have a sub abuse problem?
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    There was some stuff out there when I was a kid called Rush, which is Amyl Nitrate, and evidently it is still out there from what I can google. We used to carry the little bottles around with us at school and inhale them to get high when we couldnt do other drugs.

    This stuff was sold in head shops, sex shops, and other assorted low life places I shouldnt have been. It was really cheap and a small bottle so easily concealed in the palm of your hand.

    We also stole a nitrous oxide tank one time (laughing gas) and all took turns breathing that stuff.

    Its a darned wonder I am still here.
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    Kids still buy "whippets" which are the little containers of nitrous used to recharge re-useable whipped cream cans. I haven't seen one of the cans in ages, but you sure see the whippets sold in head shops. They are dispensed into balloons and then inhaled from there.

    Amyl Nitrate was thought to enhance orgasm. (It's actually an industrial solvent) and was huffed for that reason.