Huge mtng today. No Child Study yet, but added onto the 504.

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    husband showed up. Yaay!
    And the school psychiatric, school SW, counselor, math teacher, science teacher, English, and ROTC Sgt. (I think I'm missing someone ... )

    Very interesting and friendly. Hadn't met the SW and psychiatric before. (I met the SW and psychiatric from middle school last yr. My, how time flies.) The psychiatric wanted an updated psychiatrist diagnosis, so I called today to get one and will pick it up in person when it's finished. She is prepping for a complete Child Study and wants all our ducks in a row. (She said something to the effect that if we can get it in writing that he goes on overload and shuts down when he's overwhelmed, it will help.)

    I had almost enough info for a Child Study, but not having been in this position before, wasn't sure what I or the school would need on hand.

    The WISC, Weschler, and MMPI were there, as well as the NILD class info letter, which states that difficult child has an auditory processing disorder. That's where the SW and psychiatric came up with-the idea to add onto the 504, going back to the agenda book and signatures, back to the 15 min kitchen timer, back to everything we did when he was little. husband pointed out that we had dropped those interventions because the teachers stressed that difficult child learn to do things on his own ... and now he's getting Fs. Look where that got us.

    The science teacher's shoulders sagged when everyone agreed that difficult child could turn in his assignments two days later. It's HONORS science. I understand. I feel for him. But difficult child loves the class and can talk up a storm about volcanoes and earthquakes and he just can't do the homework. We all agreed that HW is a huge issue but I, and they, want him to do it to reinforce the topics, and to uncover any further questions or stumbling blocks in processing that he can't get in class.
    English and math have already allowed for VERY late assignments, beyond the 504, so making it two days was actually shortening it for them. Whatever.

    One important thing that came up was that when teachers thought they were helping by providing the entire curriculum, day-to-day, for the calendar semester, it was NOT helping difficult child. The English teacher pointed out that it would cause an immediate shutdown because the information is overwhelming. (YAY English teacher!) The science teacher didn't "get it" but he has to do what the 504 says.

    I used the example of the time he got an F in PE (how do you DO that?) because he wore his ROTC shoes ... because his sport shoes wouldn't fit in the locker, they are not allowed locks, so that's all he had to wear. Never mind a backpack, the counselor's ofc, etc. He thinks very much inside the box (inside the locker!). I saw lots of eyes widen when I told them that but the English teacher got it right away, of course.

    They discussed a future need for one-on-one but they don't have an aide available ... yet. (Not sure if that means the ones they have are being used, but I bet I could ferret out more parents and we could "share.") Still, I told them he would balk at having a personal aide and we cannot do too much or the whole thing will backfire.

    I stressed 3X to the psychiatric that I wanted to focus on the auditory processing issue, even though the report was written by a private entity. (She liked the fact that he was referred by the therapist. Although most of the interventions we've started first, and told the therapist about later, lol!)

    So when I got home today, difficult child started yelling, in a loud voice, about wanting to talk NOW and not wanting to sit down with-dad and me and have a huge mtng because it was stressing him out. SHEESH. I told him okay, you will be staying after school once or twice a wk for finish up old assignments; you will be coming straight home after school and using a kitchen timer for homework; you will use a flashdrive to load all the Earth science info (he supposedly had one but didn't know where it was so I got one from my ofc upstairs).

    There is more but I am not going to tell him today. (One item was "that girl he hangs around with is a really good influence and can really help him with-his homework if he won't listen to you, Mom." lol! The other is that if he officially flunks a class or even gets a D, he goes to summer school.)

    He's got 2 wks until this grading period is over. Fingers crossed.:hamwheelsmilf::hangoversmiley: