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    kenny is finally back on his depakote after his surgery (to remove his tonsils and abnoids). i believe im getting my "real" son back now from his illness! i dont know if its truly the medications or not or the conseling or maybe both but, the other day he grabbed my neck and gave me the biggest hug ever .

    sad to say it :surprise: the heck outa me. kenny isnt one who usually likes hugs :grounch_day:

    but it sure was a happy suprise!
    my son hasnt hugged me like that since he was a little boy and our long "trip " began.
    an even bigger :surprise: his sister was trying to get a rise out of him and it didnt work !!
    ussally he would have tried to hurt her :clubbing: and then chaos for days . but he simply ignored what she was saying :talkhand: grabbed her up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheak !:kisses:

    i think it even suprised her. we have been running around and playing and goofing off with each other:bigsmile:
    i dont know what is going on wether it be just for a few days or maybe things are getting better but im enjoying every minute of it!
    he even cleaned his room! now that really threw me for a loop i almost :faint: lol
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    Yippee. Cherish it.

    My son's ODD is trying really hard to get the better of him right now. I'm glad to hear of your's doing so well. It reminds me that there will be better days again.
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    This is a great post to read. Enjoy the time you are spending with him! I hope there are many more to come!