hugs, hugs and more hugs.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jamieh, Mar 26, 2013.

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    This seems to be the theme with E lately. He just wants to give everyone HUGS ALL.THE.TIME. It was really sweet at first. He rarely hugs me so for like the first week I was like 'awwwwww!' but now it's every time he sees me. And it's not just 1 hug. It's like 'HUG.....HUG.....HUG.....HUG' And it's driving his little brother crazy. because he wants to hug him all the time too and I'm trying to get thru to him that when someone says need to stop the hugging. *sigh* At least it's hugs and not anything hurtful. lol
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    Sounds like a sensory input need and/or security/comfort issue. Teaching personal boundaries is going to be important for the rest of his life so starting now sounds like a good idea. Try to find a pattern to the hugging, when it's most intense. You might even try to talk to him about WHY he wants to hug all the time. Then you can find other things that can fill the same need. If it's a sensory need, a weighted blanket or a "log roll" for a time might help. If it's comfort/security, try to find a suitable substitution. You might want to also try to set limits on how many, how often, asking first, etc and reinforce/reward those somehow. difficult child 2 had boundary issues, I should say has, but they are getting better now that he's older. For him, it was a combination of sensory AND security.
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    My kids would head bonk me (or anyone). We did lots of wrap ups in a huge quilt. difficult child 3 stills rubs his head on me (like a cat would) when he doesn't feel well or he is board. I just give lots of deep presure hugs. Sometimes with difficult child 1 I'll let him have 10 quick hugs. And we are still working on the if someone days no that means to stop.