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    ("Humor" to you :))
    I wanted to share this in the GP thread because, although it may seem trivial or strange, humour is actually one of my strongest weapons in dealing with my difficult child. Basically, I can generally laugh him out of a tantrum before it gets going, I have discovered. Well, what I call a tantrum, which is shouting and crying, very vocal protest at something he doesn't like (happens all the time, needless to say). This morning's tantrum was over the fact that he wanted to go to the garderie (school child minding service) and it was too late - I like him to stay home with me in the morning, as he has such a long day at school and garderie. He started wailing and shouting and I just... imitated him, pulling funny faces. That might enrage another person but it tickles J's humour buds and he soon started laughing and giggling helplessly. And the tantrum stops. May not work with your young difficult child (up to what age I don't know), but it is surely worth a try.
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    I have used that often with smaller children quite effectively...even infants. I will wail along with them and then tend to stop crying at me after a few minutes to see what I am crying at too. With a toddler or slightly older child who sets into a tantrum either at the home or a store I will use either humor or copy them. I have been known to tell one that they arent trying very hard because I can do a much better job. Maybe they should try harder...should I show they how? At the store I will threaten to get right down on the floor and copy them. That is usually enough to snap them back because they dont want to see a full grown adult laying on the floor next to them screaming along with them. LOL.