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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by february, May 7, 2017.

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    My son is moving on and does not want to talk to me, after I finally had it with him taking advantage of me and smoking pot not working while I pay for everything. After years I had it, but it still hurts to detach emotionaly. He is moving with some friends and getting a job. This could be good for both of us, I hope he continues seeing the psychiatrist and therapist. He is bypolar, but will go off medication and smoke pot. Hopefully this time he realizes he needs medical help. I pray god guides him and helps me to accept this.
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    Your son is doing what adult children do...moving out, which is healthy, getting a job, which is great, and taking his bipolar into his own hands, for better or for worse. If he wants to use pot instead of known bipolar medications, if he is over 18 you cant stop him. Unfortunately I have read that 60% of all people with bipolar dont take their medications. I could never figure out why.

    I think it is helpful to believe strongly in a higher power. I do too. Perhaps trust God to watch over your son. Let go and let God is something I used to say to myself.

    I found therapy and Al-Anon very helpful when my daughter used. Dont be shy about taking care of your own needs and reaching out to others. Many of us found that a lifesaver. You dont have to do this alone.

    You're an important person and its impossible to mother grown kids forever. Time to do nice things for yourself. You earned it!
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    Thank you for the encouragement, you are a wise lady. I will start counseling soon, and taking care of myself.
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    Prayers are with you, this is a road we will walk one day as well. 16 year old stepson shuts out anyone who tries to tell him something he does not want to hear. He has an enabling father who will let him get away with this, and there's nothing we can do about it. It hurts. Try to detach from him, he will make his own choices regardless of what you want/think is best. Ours is the same way. Keep posting here, this is a wonderful resource for families like ours. Good luck and take care of you!