husband agreed to girlfriend/CF diet!!!

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    I've been wanting to put our entire family on the girlfriend/CF diet to see if we get some symptom relief. We ALL have at least some of the symptoms that are helped by this, but without husband's 100% support it would have been a waste of time because he would have sabotaged it.

    Last night he said he was tired of feeling sick all of the time and was willing to give it a try. Turns out one of his buddies from work has been on this diet for a while and was raving about how much better he felt.

    So we will finish up the bad food in our house and start the girlfriend/CF diet as soon as the kids are out of school (giving us 100% control over their food access).

    Any hints about getting ready for this? good recipe websites?

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    I like It is for people with gluten intolerance but lots of them are also dairy free. I would search there to see what gluten free products are recommended before buying any. There are lots that are not very good.

    You will be able to make better treats and bread than you can buy. You can get recipes at that website.

    Gluten free/dairy free brownies are even better than regular brownies. I use the Gluten Free Pantry mix with coconut oil instead of butter.

    I use regular recipes for cookies but use shortening or coconut oil instead of butter and a gluten free flour mix instead of flour. Then I add a teaspoon of xanthan gum for every cup of flour.

    If you use super fine rice flour from Authentic Foods, your result will have a texture more like regular flour.

    I look for regular recipes on and use almond or coconut milk as dairy substitutes and a girlfriend flour mix for flour. Obviously, this works best if there isn't mostly flour in the recipe.

    When you do try it, make sure you are 100% girlfriend/cf. I did the diet about 5 years ago without worrying about cross contamination or trace amounts and didn't notice any difference. Two years later, I tried again and was strict about it, and I could tell by the 1st or 2nd day that I was going to like it. I think you might not notice a change if you have even tiny amounts of it.

    If you have specific questions, I will be glad to help. My family has been doing this diet for 3 years. My husband was not on board at first and doesn't avoid it as strictly as I do, but even he thinks he feels better if he avoids it.

    Good luck with this.
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    That's great news! It's always much easier when the spouse is on board and not eating cream puffs in front of you!

    Whole Foods has a great section of girlfriend/CF foods. Do you have one nearby? You can also order a lot through Amazon.